Healing Through the Shamanic Journey

Guest Author: Virgil Sim

Guest Author: Virgil Sim

Our Shamanic Healing workshop theme for October is self-love. Specifically, we will take a healing journey to address a memory of a time when we felt unworthy. Afterwards, our very own Amber Oliveira (catch her on the weekly yoga class schedule!) will guide us through a Yoga Nidra meditation for self-love.

 For those interested in learning more about Shamanism, this is a great workshop to attend. Shaman is simply another word for healer, medicine doctor, tribe healer, and/or visionary. To enter altered states and see different dimensions shamans use the support of plants and animals and have been known to use plant-based hallucinogens, such as ayahuasca, to induce or reach this state of consciousness. With my training we are able to tap in via sound. I also have power animals and guides that support me as I lead shamanic healing journeys for my clients.

 The benefits of shamanism are truly limitless— the outcome is solely upon the individual to focus on what they believe or want to achieve. I’m simply a vessel to offer deep healing and hold space in a protective shelter for my students and clients. I offer an array of treatment modalities to allow our energetic bodies to feel, deal and heal. Each of my offerings has a list of benefits, but most importantly, the goal is for my clients, my friends, my tribe to wake up from this “victimized life”. It’s time to deepen self-love by reprograming our minds ridding of self-limiting beliefs and enter our manifested reality. It’s time to be aware and alive as opposed to living life on autopilot. 

Join me this Thursday, October 11, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM for this month’s Shamanic Healing Journey: For Self-Love.

 Virgil Sim created Shamanic Intuitive Massage to offer healing journeys filled with support and connection. The journey includes: oracle card reading, foot bath ceremony, 3-part meditation, chakra clearing and balancing, shamanic reiki, smudging ceremony, hot stone and towel therapy, aromatherapy, Cbd Intuitive massage, crystal garden healing, sound therapy, and animal messages. Virgil’s purpose is to expose and teach around the world so that all beings may operate at their fullest potential, creating a wave consciousness of love.

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