Astrology Forecast: November 2018

Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

It is that time of year again: Thanksgiving brings us together with friends and family to celebrate in gratitude. It is also the time of year we tend to take a look back. We retrospect on the year to see what we have accomplished, see where we have been and think about where we may want to go.

As human beings when we ponder on something deep, physically we tend to look up.  Up into our the ceiling...or up into the sky. What do we see? Patterns of stars, planets and asteroids, millions and billions of them guiding our way. Our ancestors have been looking to the stars for years, over 35,000 years in fact, plotting out patterns and synchronicities. What is this ancient art? Astrology of course! An ancient map in the sky and if you pay attention, it just may help you find your way… or at least share a nod in the right direction.

There are many astrological aspects going on day to day. When one is seeking to achieve balance and communicate effectively in life, the sky gives us clues and acts as our guide. At this particular moment in time, the upcoming full moon, the changing of the lunar nodes, and Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, are three astrological transits that can influence the above factors.

The Full Moon

This month the full moon is at 9:39 pm PST on November 22, 2018. In the sign of Gemini opposite the sun in Sagittarius which is conjunct Jupiter.

What does that mean for us? Right on time for Thanksgiving we will be primed with chatty Gemini energy, ideas abound, talking and being social. Opposite the moon we have the sun in Sagittarius which can be quite the extrovert full of optimism and grand ideas as well…. Sometimes this goes over well at gatherings sometimes not so much. With Mercury also being retrograde at this time think about more non-verbal ways to express yourself and execute your ideas. Jupiter being next to the sun can also make us want to expand our self-identification and debate about our philosophies and beliefs so watch out for that as well.

An important thing to remember: during a full moon there is a lot of powerful energy. It will illuminate or enhance any kind of feeling. Meaning if you are sad and introspective it can exaggerate those feelings and if you are jubilant and happy it will exaggerate that as well. The moon being ruled by water rules our emotions.

During a full moon it is the perfect time to see just where we are in or emotions. It’s time to acknowledge them, celebrate them or release them.

So, bringing all of that into the holiday season can be a lot. Remember no matter what the situation, stay grounded.

Luckily this full moon does come with a lot of harmonious energy.

We always hope for the holiday season to be a joyous time so, at the celebration we can all remember to listen— listen to others but be willing to share your ideas as well. It is a very creative time, the possibilities are endless, however, we need to be mindful of a few things, such as thinking before we speak, not battling for attention with others and not letting of a clash of ideas take over our train of thought.

The most beautiful thing about this full moon is that the energy is set up to give us the space to enjoy all that we have created. It is a perfect time to let go of any outdated beliefs or emotional wounds and to be in awe of our accomplishments. The key is to relish in our minds the bounty of our wonderful ideas and take solace in the time we can spend with each other. Then finally some meditation and time alone for ourselves—  break out that moon journal! 

The Nodal shifts of the Moon

Another important movement in the sky that can shift the way we look at things right now are the nodes of the moon moving into new signs. Every 18 months the North and South Nodes of the moon move into opposite signs. This sets a direction for where we can be heading in life and to grow spiritually and move towards our goals or destiny.

In our birth chart the placement of the North Node signifies our Karmic path, our True North and direction we plotted out for ourselves in this life. Paying attention to these points can allow us to float freely in life towards just what we need to achieve or realize.

The South Node indicates skill sets we may be naturally gifted at, talents we may have mastered in earlier life or our comfort zone we may default to and rely on all too often.

On November 6th, the North Node moved into Cancer and the South Node moved into Capricorn. These two zodiac signs are in polarity to one another. This opposition represents a myriad of factors influencing your life representing a struggle to find a balance in between. You may be experiencing challenges in:

  • A balancing of personal and professional endeavors

  • Including feminine and masculine qualities

  • Aspects of home life and nurturing vs. career and public life

Within the astrology for the collective, the North Node being in Cancer tells us to move towards home life, to nurture, to take care of ourselves and others, to work on and learn to trust our intuition. To realize how we need to be treated and how we treat ourselves. We need to seek out what makes us feel comfortable in life while still maintaining our responsibilities.

The South Node being in Capricorn is a call to balance out our social patterns, public life, career and structures. We find balance when we release old ways of doing things. Breaking the habit of doing something for the sake of doing it, or just because it’s the way someone else thinks we should.  Focus on releasing outdated processes and rigid overly pragmatic habits. We need to let go of being a “slave to the grind” Try to think of actions in your life that may not be serving you anymore. 

One word of warning: Avoid the temptation to “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” We are seeking a balance of energies with the intent and purpose of doing what truly feels right in your heart.

Two tips to help get the most out of this transit:

  1. Spend more time in focusing on what truly makes you feel good in your body, heart, mind and soul.  

  2. Assess what you are doing and why you actually do it that way. Does it benefit you and your loved ones or cause drama? Make sure it truly benefits you and the collective. Sometimes we are just going through the motions without putting much thought into the effect our actions are making. Creating space in our day brings more peace love and nourishment to us all. It’s the little things that count.

Jupiter is home!

And finally, wonderful, benevolent, lucky, Jupiter. Our guru, our truth, our planet of higher mind just moved into its home sign of Sagittarius on November 9th!  Woo Hoo!

What does this mean for us all?  In summary, Jupiter rules the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and is very comfortable there. It has been in Scorpio and has shown us some deep dark truths around us in the world this last year and now will be at home in Sagittarius for the next year. We can expect our consciousness to grow and feel the calling to learn more about the world around us while hopefully bringing a little luck!

Jupiter can cause a lot of excitement and big ideas but just know that having the vision or enthusiasm is not enough, you have to be willing to do the work.  So, wherever you have Sagittarius in your birth chart will be an area in your life where certain truths will be shown. You will be asked to do what you need to do and Jupiter will encourage and lead the way. Jupiter is generally a lucky planet and will bring higher learning, spiritual and intellectual growth to that area of your life.

What does it all mean?

Astrology can seem a little confusing sometimes but with this blueprint in the sky there are layers of energy beaming down on us if we care to take a look. 

All we need to remember is that no matter how tough or easy our situations are, none of this is happening to you or to us. It is happening for us! The universe is not out to get you. The universe wants to help guide you. There is always free will, it is our decision when it comes to our life and the choices we make. Most of all, it is fun to note the synchronicities astrology brings to light. Having that flow state feeling with the universe and a little guidance if we choose, astrology can really give us confirmation when it comes to questions we may have or talents we may want to explore. Pure magic!

Pro Tips

For instance, if these transits were happening in your 1st house of your natal chart, that would be the house of self. Depending on life circumstances and other aspects in the chart you might find a new self-image or a way you present yourself to change. Or, possibly a confirmation to go ahead with a transition of self within your life creating a resolution of sorts. 

If this was happening in your 2nd or 8th house this could mean you were possibly coming into money or that something was happening with your values and your possessions.

In your 12th house maybe some deep subconscious work and spiritual growth.

Personally, more so than a magic eight-ball, Astrology has been a great companion in my life to help direct me on my path. It has been a confirmation of gifts that I have and that led me further down the road in my career. A little thumbs up from the stars can go a long way.

What do I do now?

All you need to start is your birth chart. There are plenty of free resources online. My favorite is You will need your day, month and year of birth along with city and state and exact time of birth (that should be on your birth certificate). With a little leg work and research, you can find a lot online or book a reading with an astrologist. Natal chart readings also make great presents for those interested in the stars.

About Shawna Christine

Shawna is a bodywork therapist and intuitive healer with 20 years of experience. Utilizing her knowledge of the body and inherent intuition she customizes each session to meet the exact needs of her clients. Her offerings include massage therapy, astrology, intuitive coaching and clarity talks as well. All of these items can other healing tools such as; cognitive exercises, nodal astrology, crystals, oracle cards, tuning forks, Reiki, and healing touch. Shawna is committed to inspiring, guiding and uplifting people through enlightenment, support and encouragement. During the life journey she believes raising consciousness is one of the most important things you can do! To see what is happening in your chart and what these aspects mean for you. Natal charts and aspect readings are available now with Shawna Christine at Sojourn Healing Collective.