Sojourn Holiday Market Gift Guide

The Holidays are here! And, along with an increase of events, activities, cooking and traveling, the gift lists just keep getting longer. Picking out something special for friends and loved ones can be downright overwhelming. This year we are hoping to help narrow down the selection process by showcasing some of our favorite local makers and artists at our second annual Holiday Market taking place Sunday, December 9, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at Sojourn Healing Collective. Whether you are buying for a mindful meditator, yin loving yogini or just looking to show yourself some healing love, we’ve got you covered! Featuring some of our Holiday Market vendors and healers below, you’ll get a good idea of what’s in store.

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108MindfullyMade San Diego

108 Mindfully Made

Reiki infused jewelry to elevate your consciousness and help you live your Truth.

All of 108 Mindfully Made pieces are ethically handmade with love and intention here in San Diego. All pieces are one of kind and designed with creative mindfulness using a variety of materials from sacred seed beads and semi-precious gems to crystals and raw stones. Customize your personal mala to create the vision your soul has been seeking.


Bonny Blithe Jewelry San Diego

Bonny Blithe

Adornments for a charmed & carefree life.

San Diego based designer Robin Calara has always had a passion for rocks and minerals. Her designs blend a contemporary style with elegance centered on crafting adornments for a charmed and carefree life. During her career as an ICU nurse, Robin found that creating jewelry was a form of meditation for relieving stress. Her desire is to provide others with the same healing energy through each piece she handcrafts. Since starting her business, her jewelry has been featured in spas, yoga festivals, and charity events.


Cindy Shaw Meditation

Cindy Shaw Meditation

Products for PEACE

Whether it is incense burners to clear away negative energy, lavender eye masks to relax your body and mind, or yoga straps to help you deepen in a pose and bring you more energy in your body, the end goal is PEACE.


Herb + Nectar

Herb + Nectar Botanic Supply

Herbalist made tea crafted in San Diego from the finest, organic ingredients.

Herb + Nectar is a conscious, small-batch apothecary + pop-up tea bar that specializes in reiki-infused organic teas, seasonal offerings, herbalism, and apothecary goods. We believe in an even energy exchange - our goal is to give back to the Earth as much as we take through composting, offering, and returning nutrients to the soil.


Jane Joseph Wellness

Jane Joseph Wellness

Vegan food samples and gifts

Let Jane be your partner in health and well-being through a carefully constructed wellness plan tailored for your busy schedule and diet. Whether you have special dietary restrictions, mobility issues or simply want a unique, private, one-on-one yoga practice, she can do it all for you. Jane will treat you, her client, the same as a part of her family with a one-on-one personally tailored yoga, meditation or culinary journey with a genuine mindfulness to your needs and health.


Love Tee San Diego

Love Tee

Reflect each other’s goodness with love-inspired tees.

Imagine being able to make a positive impact by the shirt you picked out this morning. Or the bag you carry when you walk down the street. What you wear can inspire and uplift everyone who sees it. The one small choice can start a ripple effect, connecting you with other people, and reminding them of the goodness that surrounds them. Love Tee is here to help you spread more love in the world, one t-shirt at a time.


MESO Healthy

MESO Healthy

Hand crafted, small batch, and independent lab tested, MESO Healthy products are 100% Organic Cannabis and created with sustainable cultivation practices, producing some of the finest CBD products available on the market.

MESO Healthy products offer a unique, 100% organic & totally natural formula. Unlike so many other CBD brands on the market, falsely claiming a ‘Full Spectrum’ product, but merely delivering an oil derived from an isolate powder or distillate form. MESO Healthy extracts their oils from selectively bred, high CBD content hemp plants from Northern California & Southern Oregon. Utilizing the the entire plant (including the flower, leaves, stems & all) MESO Healthy products provide the consumer with all the beneficial Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Lipids, Chlorophyll, Fats & Waxes that Nature intended.


Pi Yoga Pants San Diego

Pi Yoga Pants

Handmade yoga & travel wear

PI is a boutique line of travel, lounge, and yoga apparel handmade in tropical Bali.




A handmade fabric pocket that lets you live outside your phone.

Assembled by a group of women in Mexico and then handpainted in Sunny San Diego, Snoozet simply allows you to be present while contributing to a beautiful cause: women working towards the reunification of their families.


Succs and Stuff San Diego

Succs and Stuff

Loving and helping people place plants, macrame & crystals in their homes!


The Zen Den Center

The Zen Den

Handmade dreamcatchers and accessories with a touch of Reiki.



Melanie Esperon

Melanie Esperon

30-minute Intuitive Reads ($80)

Melanie Esperon was born as a natural Clairvoyant. She trained extensively under the wings of public figures such as: Doreen Virtue of Hay House, Joy Guerrero of Angel Talk Café and many more. She has immersed herself wholeheartedly into the world of (w)holistics where she believes that true healing can only occur with the alignment of mind, body and soul.


Raffaella Giampaolo

Raffaella Giampaolo

30-minute Intuitive Reads ($80)

From a young age Raffaella has used her intuitive and empathic nature to bring joy, advice and healing to others. At the age of 15, she lost her father, which led to a battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Through her healing journey, her abilities as an intuitive healer and open channel awakened and she now shares her gifts with other’s. In session Raffaella provides guidance from your Divine Team (angels, guides, spirit animals, loved ones) and provides energy healing as a certified Reiki Master. Clients walk away feeling supported and optimistic, with specific tools for how to move forward in their life.


Jess Water.jpg

Jess Kay

15-minute Crystal Readings ($20)

Certified Crystal Healer and Certified ThetaHealer (energy work), utilizing crystals and energy for emotional and physical healing. Teaching and empowering others about crystals and energy is her "super power!"


Maura McCormick

Maura McCormick

15-minute Dowsing and Chakra Healing Sessions ($20)

Maura is a Holistic Health Practitioner who has been practicing for over 25 years. She has immersed herself in the Sacred Art of Feng Shui, Harmonyum Healing and Dowsing; teaching practical cures from the East to improve the quality of your lives in the West. Her healing sessions help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression; building confidence, clarity on your life’s direction, increased self-awareness and creating an overall calmer and more welcoming approach to life. Maura also teaches Kundalini Yoga at Sojourn.

Heal by Nathan

Nathan Ziccarelli

15-minute Reiki Infused Chair Massages ($20)

Nathan is a massage therapist that has tapped into his intuitive abilities as a medium to share messages with his clients that come through spirit guides. He infuses Reiki healing energy, oracle card readings, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to help relay messages from the other side as they may be revealed. Nathan also offers space clearings for his client’s homes, offices, and other sacred spaces.


Join Sojourn Healing Collective for our holistic Holiday Market on Sunday, December 9, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM! From jewelry and yoga gear, to crystals and candles, we’ve invited our favorite local makers to help fulfill your holiday gifting needs. We’ll also feature delicious bites and beverages, music, a crafty make n’ take smudge stick table and of course some end-of-year deals on Sojourn retail. Our healers will be on-hand offering mini-sessions throughout the event so you can treat yourself on-site or gift a healing session to a loved one! As always, we love to mix and mingle with our community, so join the festivities, bring a friend, and let’s celebrate this merry season together and spread the holiday cheer!

If you are an artist or maker interested in joining our Holiday Market, please send your contact information and a description of your products to:

UPDATE: Thanks to all of our vendors, healers, community and friends who came to celebrate the holidays and support the Sojourn Holiday Market. Stay tuned for more retail events in 2019!