Inspired by Intention

Each year, post-holiday rush, after all the presents have been opened, the tree has been dismantled and the candles have been blown out, millions of people participate in another holiday tradition by setting a New Year’s resolution. As we throw out last year’s calendar to make room for a fresh start, many of us also use this opportunity to aspire to make big changes in our lives. With the guise of a clean slate, we resolve to restrict undesired behavior (like snacking after dinner), create a new habit (like donating to charities) or achieve a life goal (like buying your first home). While the symbolism behind New Year’s resolutions is meant to be positive, a motivator, studies have shown that most people fail to follow through because their resolutions are unrealistic, unaligned or are set without the accountability necessary to achieve success. If you too have fallen into the resolution trap only to find yourself mid-year with little progress and lack of inspiration to truly make significant transformation, note that an important part of manifesting change, growth and big goals is grounded in intention.  

Aspiring to cultivate change in your physical, mental or spiritual life is a good thing, one that can be strengthened by living mindfully and with intention. When pursuing resolution success, life can quickly become all about the fulfillment instead of enjoying the journey. As opposed to a resolution, which typically focuses on a change of behavior or a desire for something we don’t have, an intention is a living focus that resides alongside our core values, vision and greater goals.

Intentions are about creating desirable states, defining your contribution to the world, and releasing perceived limitations placing focus on something that can make a positive impact on your life. Setting an intention is a powerful way to achieve success by creating a reminder of your life’s purpose and how to live out each day in alignment with your truth. Setting an intention is an affirmative action, a microcosm that mindfully represents the larger macrocosm of your life motivations and ambitions. And, intentions are expansive, they have no limits. They can be made daily (not just yearly) or even by action to help focus on the present moment and the limitless possibility of your potential. Imagine the changes that can take place within the body, mind and spirit when your energy is mindfully focused on the positive reinforcement of your dreams!

So, as we embark on the maiden voyage of a new year, set sail into a bright and successful future by creating mindful and meaningful intentions alongside your transformative resolutions and greater goals. To help you achieve success, we’ve included some classic examples below to inspire your personal intentions to blossom from within.

·      I intend to manifest abundance and success.

·      I intend to find balance and peace every day.

·      I intend to act with courage and embrace change.

·      I intend to live in gratitude and let positive energy fill my body.

·      I will connect with others and embrace my community.

·      I will allow myself to be vulnerable and give and receive love.

·      I am love.

·      I am strong.

·      I am open in mind and heart.

·      I am open to Inspiration, any information or relationships that will guide me toward my goals.

·      I am an open vessel for positivity, love and light.

All this month at Sojourn Healing Collective we have scheduled yoga, breathwork and meditation classes, workshops, trainings, and much, more, to help you create and manifest your intentions for the new year. We look forward to being a part of your journey. Happy New Year!

About Taina Berardi

Formerly a corporate marketing executive now living and working her most passionate life, Taina is inspired to share the limitless benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice with people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds. As a curative and creative arts entrepreneur, Taina infuses compassion and vibrant healing energy into all of her art, workshops, public classes, and private client sessions. Trained in stress reduction and relaxation techniques, Compassion Cultivation, Crystal Healing, aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, Vinyasa, Yin, and Sculpt yoga disciplines, Taina brings all of these forms of integrative healing to Sojourn Healing Collective as a means of restoring and revitalizing her students so they can live a happy, healthy existence. When off the mat, Taina engages the philosophies of yoga in her activities as the Community Relations manager for the Collective, working with external partners, vendors, and clients to promote inspired health and wellness to an ever-widening community.

Written By Taina Berardi RYT, RMT  @TainaBerardi

Written By Taina Berardi RYT, RMT @TainaBerardi