The First Steps to Manifest Your Dream Business

Written By Allison Evelyn Gower, @ hiallisonevelyn

Written By Allison Evelyn Gower, @hiallisonevelyn

You are passionate about what you do and want to help even more people, however, you feel stuck. Whether you want to start, grow or change the direction of a business, you’ve reached a point of doubt and stress. Let’s shift that energy into manifesting wonderful clients that love and appreciate your work.

How do you spread awareness and help more people - in a heart-centered way? To manifest your dream business, you must write and speak with intention. Because your words are everything. 

With a little strategy, you can create a purposeful business. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “business person”. 

My goal is to walk you through exactly how to get started.

Start with You

As humans in the social media age, we are quick to measure ourselves against others.

Don’t Focus on Others’ Profiles

I encourage you to go from wistful Instagram scrolling to look within. It is all about what energizes YOU and serves your audience - not anyone else’s.

Ask Yourself Two Questions

What do you feel really good at? What activities bring you joy?

When you do what you love, it sends out high-vibing, amazing energy that others can feel and sense. Also, what comes easily to you does NOT come easily to other people. We often forget how talented we are because we think, “Oh, but it’s so easy.” Your skills do not come easily to most people - and that is why they NEED you.

Imagine Your Ideal Life

Get clear on the type of life you want to lead. Continually re-evaluate. If your goal is to travel or be home part-time for kids, lay the foundations of a business that lets you do that.

Know Who You Serve

Each time you write a social media post or flyer, it should speak to your dream client. To connect with the right people, you have to speak in their language. The right words will make them go, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel!”

Because, here’s the thing. To create the reality we want, we must use clear, goal-driven words that bring it into existence.

Your Words are Everything

Once you get clear about the business you want, it’s time to take another step. (It’s like a Vinyasa yoga class. You have to flow through the challenges - before you reach the peace of savasana!)

The next step is to write what you do super clearly. It is key you are able to provide a clear answer to the question, “What do you do?”

Here’s an example.

“I am a San Diego masseuse. I specialize in providing relief from back problems and whiplash.”
“I give massages throughout San Diego. My passion is wellness. I do many types of massage like hot rocks, Thai and a few other types. I also work with a lot of people who have been in car accidents.

Which one strongly tells the universe what you do and your goals?

The first one, friend!

The second talks more about me, me, me. “I give massages, my passion is…” and does not provide a clear benefit to the potential client. We always want to emphasize how we help others.

When the right people understand the AMAZING benefits of your business, they will be so excited to work with you.

Remember: You are incredible and amazing. The world and those who need your help deserve to know it.

Ready to Manifest Your Dream Business?

Once you can write and say what you do in clear words, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to grow your business.

However, maybe you don’t feel confident writing. Perhaps you’re not sure where to even start. After all, it’s really hard to write about yourself.

That is why my business brain and yogi teacher mind are uniting to bring a workshop that will empower you to grow your dream business. Join me and other heart-centered business owners at Sojourn Healing Collective for the Manifest Your Dream Business workshop Saturday, December 29, 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM. Get ready to talk business in the most zen, meditation-filled way.

I cannot wait to help you on the road to your dream business!

Allison Evelyn Gower is a blend of business writer, brand strategist and yoga teacher (at Sojourn!) - devoted to empowering people to have purposeful businesses that serve others well. At the computer, she crafts words showcase brands’ personalities and their unique benefits. As a yoga teacher, Allison is passionate about the power of mindfulness and visualization for creating a life and business of purpose.

Allison blends her teaching of yoga and business savvy to help business owners feel confident about growing a business for good and brand that brings more of their needed, unique gifts to the world. For more about Allison head to