Astrology Forecast: January 2019

Written by Shawna Christine

Written by Shawna Christine

Starting the month (and the New Year!) out with Mars moving into Aries we will feel our drive kick in. You can embrace this energy to initiate new projects, but don’t be too impulsive. Saturn conjunct the Sun with Pluto close by beckons for discipline, the establishment of new habits and the breaking of old ways…truly a recipe for conquering your resolutions in the new year!  

Amidst the myriad of aspects and transits going on this month, let’s take a closer look at these three:

·      A partial solar eclipse and new moon on January 5

·      Uranus (finally!) goes direct on January 6

·      Full moon and total lunar eclipse on January 20

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse at 15° of Capricorn

The new moon and partial solar eclipse on January 5 will be sandwiched in between Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune making for the perfect combo to help you envision your new year resolutions.

·       Conjunction to Saturn and Pluto:  Will inspire demand to establish new structure and ways of accomplishing your goals. This time is all about laying solid foundations for your life that you can build upon.

·       Sextile to Neptune: Call in the spiritual support of Neptune. This is your opportunity to really tap into your intuition and trust that these are in fact the things that you need to do, you are supported and you can rely on what your gut is telling you.

·      Action: Wait. Wait to enact your new year resolutions and wait until you see the first sliver of the new moon (2-3 days) to implement your plan.

Uranus Direct at 28° of Aries

After 5 months of retrograde, Uranus, the last planet in the whole slew of retrogrades we had this last year, is now going direct on January 6!  There may be some unpredictable happenings as Uranus is the planet of rebellion and change. Things can happen quickly with you OR the world around you. Keep the following in mind:

·      Be true to yourself: Watch out for epiphanies and unexpected insights as psychic awareness is on the rise.

·      Be open: New opportunities may come your way. If things start shifting just let go, they need to shift. This may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

·      Liberate yourself: Expect surprises, have no expectations. Make sure your looking at the big picture.

·      Action: GO WITH THE FLOW.

Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse 0° of Leo

Full moons usually relate to our emotions and our relationships. A full moon brings to the surface something we need to acknowledge or let go of. This month contains a super moon (when a full moon occurs at the same time the moon is at its closest approach to the earth) so feelings can be more intense than usual and being a total lunar eclipse means it is right next to the nodes of the moon. As full moon always do, it will be opposing the sun, this time in Aquarius. It will also be squaring Uranus in Aries.

·      Opposing the Sun in Aquarius: If there is something that is holding you back from expressing your true self it is time to acknowledge it and let it go. It is now time to step into your new and improved self. Let go of caring what people think of you and become who you are.

·      Squaring Uranus: This aspect may cause some nervous energy or irritability. Make sure you examine your feelings and calm yourself before making any decisions or reacting to any emotional situation.

·      Bonus: The releasing you do could be a catalyst to a surprise coming in the near future (by July 2019).

·      Action: Write down all the things you’re grateful for. Write down what you want to achieve. Now, write down things you need to release to move you in that direction.

In Conclusion

By looking at the direct motion of Uranus, the new moon eclipse and the full moon eclipse, we can see there’s a lot of exciting things happening in the cosmos kicking off this New Year of 2019. A major theme for this year to take all those ups and downs and everything you learned about yourself in 2018 and start laying a solid foundation upon which you can wholeheartedly build the life you seek. For each person individually, there are certain areas these aspects are taking place and by looking at the sign and degrees at which it falls in on your personal chart, you will be able to tell a lot. Besides these three mentioned aspects in this article, there is much more going on in the sky.  

If you need help finding clarity in whatever area of your life this is happening, there are answers!

Together we can create a sold plan for you to realize your dreams and become who you were always meant to be and set you off on your new path for 2019. Contact Shawna Christine below for more information and a natal chart reading. Let’s explore your chart and decipher the clues together!

Happy New Year!

About Shawna Christine

Shawna is a bodywork therapist and intuitive healer with 20 years of experience. Utilizing her knowledge of the body and inherent intuition she customizes each session to meet the exact needs of her clients. Her offerings include massage therapy, astrology, intuitive coaching and clarity talks as well. All of these items can other healing tools such as; cognitive exercises, nodal astrology, crystals, oracle cards, tuning forks, Reiki, and healing touch. Shawna is committed to inspiring, guiding and uplifting people through enlightenment, support and encouragement. During the life journey she believes raising consciousness is one of the most important things you can do! To see what is happening in your chart and what these aspects mean for you. Natal charts and aspect readings are available now with Shawna Christine at Sojourn Healing Collective.