Astrology Forecast: February 2019

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.
— Buddha

This is especially important to remember as we come into the month of February with lingering transformational lunar eclipse energies and Mars squaring Pluto. We need to remove our ego and have the drive (Mars) to complete our transformation (Pluto). Fortunately, the start of and most of this month includes a beautiful sextile between Neptune and Saturn. Giving us the opportunity to manifest our dreams (Neptune) into our real time physicality (Saturn). No matter what your are trying to achieve and become, the most important task you can master is love. Self-love. That will truly take you wherever you’re meant to go.

Written by Shawna Christine

Written by Shawna Christine

Besides those two aspects, there are three other things in the sky we will look at this month to help us on our journey to self-love. We have an integrating new moon on February 4, Chiron the planet of healing entering Aries on February 18, and then we will look at what to expect with the full moon in Virgo on February 19. Taking these energies into consideration can help catapult you to the state of love you may be looking for.

New moon in Aquarius 15° at 1:04 pm PST

This new moon will inspire you to find new ways to implement the future vision you see for yourself. Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus who is linked to the higher mind. Aquarius is also a sign that bares knowledge, that is futuristic, it is liberated and cares about the quality of the good for the people without sacrificing the self. You will feel positivity in this area and could also receive flash insights to what you want to work on next, or how to move forward in different, maybe unconventional ways. The new moon is conjunct Mercury which brings an ability to express your message and communicate with ease anything pertaining to your vision. There is also a semi square to Venus and Chiron.

  • Sextile to Jupiter: Jupiter expands things and this is enhancing the positivity of this lunar transit. It is an opportunity in every sense of the word. Take this time to co-create with the universe adding to the collective while remembering to stay true to yourself and your vision and what you would like to materialize in your world.

  • Conjunct Mercury: Ideas will flow freely and with ease. There my be a person coming with good news or advice watch out for that and remember to listen too.

  • Semi-square to Venus and Chiron: Venus is the planet of beauty harmony and  self-worth. Then there is Chiron, “healer heal thyself.” This is a medium strength aspect and calls for some self-care. So, remember to to take time for yourself. Be your healthiest version...go to the spa, get a massage, take a yoga class, journal about your vision and what you bring to the collective and do give yourself credit for all that you bring. This aspect may be a highlight for those areas that you need to attend to within the self when it comes to being whole.

Chiron moves into Aries February 18

Chiron is moving into Aries on February 18. It will spend 8 years in Aries. Chiron in Aries represents the focus of the healing of self, identity, attitude and approach to life. Chiron represents our wound or things that we need to heal and in turn how we can help others. This couldn’t be a better time to implement some self-love practices. Be ready to commit to a journey of self-discovering and healing.

Your awareness of these things will increase. Your need to take care of yourself and discover what works best for your healing. Try those things you’ve always wanted to try. Get to the root of what is making you feel less than. Dive deeper into what the self really needs. Know that spending this time with yourself on yourself is not at all selfish and will breed rewards in your life.

Full Moon in Virgo 0°32’ At 7:53 am PST

The full moon is a culmination that will bring us to a point where we are ready to shed some light on past situations and then release old ways that just don’t jive with what we are trying to accomplish and bring to light in the next cycle. The full moon in Virgo makes it a perfect time to look a our daily routines, our health and our emotional attachment to the details. The aspects to this full moon include a trine to Mars and to Uranus. A sesquiquadrate to Venus and a quincunx to Chiron. Let’s see how we can expect these aspects to show upon our lives.

  • Trine to Mars: Feel the initiative to take lead. It’s a great time for a deep knowing of direction.

  • Trine to Uranus: Like always, with Uranus go with the flow. This will awaken the mind. Spontaneous things may happen to show you where you want or need to make adjustments pertaining to self. This is a harmonious aspect and should go smoothly especially if you let it.  Do so and you may receive some nice surprises.

  • Sesquiquadrate to Venus: This aspect can make us feel a little off and out of harmony with ourselves and that in turn can affect our self-worth. This is the best time to let go of habits that are not serving us in favor of healthier activities. It's the perfect time for a detox or to start a new health regimen.

  • Sesquiquadrate to Saturn: With this aspect comes a reminder to be patient. In times of frustration (if it comes up) the best thing to do is observe. Remain calm and know its a passing emotion. There is still time to get all you need done and this is a quickly moving transit.

In Conclusion

As with all the astrological transits they are general until you see where they are happening in your chart. At any time we can make the changes we need to create a better energy flow. The key is to know you have time and you can get it all done if you yourself are whole. This is the perfect time, still early in the year to really love yourself enough to put in a new self-care regimen. Or try the little extras when you can. Take crystal ands salt baths, body brush, meditate, go for a walk, listen to the birds sing in the morning. Pause...Take a deep breath with gratitude, love yourself and then jump back in.


Shawna is a bodywork therapist and intuitive healer with 20 years of experience. Utilizing her knowledge of the body and inherent intuition she customizes each session to meet the exact needs of her clients. Her offerings include massage therapy, astrology, intuitive coaching and clarity talks as well. All of these items can other healing tools such as; cognitive exercises, nodal astrology, crystals, oracle cards, tuning forks, Reiki, and healing touch. Shawna is committed to inspiring, guiding and uplifting people through enlightenment, support and encouragement. During the life journey she believes raising consciousness is one of the most important things you can do! To see what is happening in your chart and what these aspects mean for you. Natal charts and aspect readings are available now with Shawna Christine at Sojourn Healing Collective.