Creating Sanctuary: An Interview with Maura Mccormick

Where did your healing journey begin? How did you become a Holistic Health practitioner?

My journey began in grade school. I noticed when things were heavy and people were sad, I could change the energy in a room. It was something that just came naturally to me. Cheering up the room was something that I felt compelled to do; it was not even a choice, it was what I loved. As I grew up, I began to purposefully manipulate energy in physical spaces so it felt more positive and happier. I loved changing the energy by shifting objects and clearing out clutter. When I felt a room was filled with crisis or tension, I would get to work. I found that an energetically and physically clear space helps people deal much better with whatever the situation is ahead of them. In college I was an art major with a minor in sociology everything was about beauty, color and people. I knew then that I was definitely not on a path of 9-5 living…

My first big career move was with one of Martha Stewart's magazines Body and Soul; coincidently I came to San Diego for a book expo where one of my clients was a Feng Shui Master. We became friends and I was hooked!

You are from Boston; what brought you to San Diego?

Honestly, the sunshine! I lived in Santa Barbara for a year then LA. I have lived in many gorgeous places always on the water I have been blessed. I have family back east but knew one day I would return to where the sun sets in the west. I had 3 consecutive winters digging out of 10-foot snow drifts in Boston and after that I knew it was time to go! My dear friend and first yoga student thought I would love San Diego and asked my now friend and landlord if she knew anybody that had a short-term rental. Well, I arrived 3 weeks later to my perfect sanctuary— a heavenly tiny house on stilts with huge windows, 2 of the sweetest little dogs imaginable; a tropical oasis right in the middle of Mission Hills! That was March 2018 and it gets better every day. San Diego has it all: beach, mountains, conscious people, gorgeous architecture and Sojourn…I feel like I landed in heaven! 

You incorporate many healing modalities in your practice: Yoga, Reiki, Dowsing, Numerology... how do you determine what to use when working with a client?

Integrating my practice comes naturally to me and that is why I have learned so many holistic modalities. Every person has different needs and I want to have as many cures or remedies in my medicine bag as I can to help heal them. We are all very unique beings and each need something special to help assist us on our journey.  

Tell us about your Kundalini Class? What can someone expect if they have never practiced this style of yoga before?

Kundalini and Shakti Naam Yoga has been my great love; it has been there for me through so many different chapters in my life. Yoga is so transformative it changes you on a cellular level. To sit in front of a group of students and watch them change over a short time is so awesome and humbling! It opens the heart and mind in profound ways and in such a short amount of time.

Doing a Shakti Naam class is like performing a self-acupuncture treatment of the highest order, like infusing high vibratory energy into your body. Shakti Naam yoga is meant to energize, revitalize the blood, reduces stress, increases strength, balance the nervous and hormonal systems, support heart health, and increase life span… plus it’s a blast!

A lot of your healing work focuses on the home. Why is it so important to make your home your sanctuary? 

Such a great question, especially today! We are all so busy trying to keep it together. People are swamped— we are all juggling so much in our lives and things can get very chaotic. As a consequence, we are eating on the run, sleeping less, all while trying to create a healthy home! Having a peaceful place to retreat from the world is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and that’s where I step in as another set of eyes, a different point of view to help determine where you might be stuck. Many of my clients just need a small tweak and then everything flows. What are you holding onto physically that triggers old memories, maybe something painful? These things should not be something we look at every day! My motto: Surround yourself with what brings you joy, keep only what you LOVE and clear out the rest! It is an amazing process. Feng Shui can totally change your outlook, sleeping patterns and overall well-being.  

We are really excited for your Feng Shui workshop! What is Feng Shui all about and what can you tell us about the workshop? 

Feng Shui means wind and water. A wonderful analogy a Feng Shui friend reminded me of the other day goes like this: “When you are sailing, wind catches the sails, you are moving and everything feels perfect...then the wind changes and you have to adjust those sails so you can catch the wind again and keep on moving forward.” That’s what we all need to do regularly— adjust our sails. We need to see what is working in our lives and how we can adjust our surroundings to bring joy and peace into our home space.

This workshop will provide you with the basic tools to make positive and powerful changes. You will learn how clearing clutter and finding the perfect place for the things that you love can make everything flow. Enhancing difficult areas will assist you in bringing abundance and clarity and make your home your sanctuary. That is why the name of my business is Maura’s Sanctuary.

I hope you can join my Feng Shui workshop this Saturday, February 9 from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. In this foundational class, you will be able to cut through the confusion and learn the authentic Feng Shui theories and methods using Black Hat Feng Shui and the Bagua. It’s all about bringing joy, love, peace and happiness to your home. For information, find me at:

Interview by Taina Berardi