The Ancient Conversation of Nature

My heart raced as the van slowed down; headlights reflecting primordial eyes. It was 4am; I was on the Lamar River Bridge in Yellowstone National Park. Suspended in midair, I stopped; waiting for the unknown to emerge. Slowly the behemoth shadow took shape, as a full-grown North American Bison lumbered my way. Alone, the bull kept to himself in his westbound lane. Passing by, his glance turned toward me and our eyes met; I was instantaneously transported to that ancient place where the earth was formed and when animals could talk.

Image and Article by Mark Carter

Image and Article by Mark Carter

Nature has a profound way of returning us to our beginnings, to the innocence of creation, to the mystery of that which lies beyond. With each season, it selflessly gives water, food, shelter and resources, meeting the diverse needs of human life and, if we pay attention, offering a universal perspective that invites us to live differently in the world – balanced, centered and whole.

Capturing the beauty of nature, Zen Soul Balance invites you to experience the awe and wonder of our planet in a unique event that offers sound healing, meditation and/or yin yoga. Join us at Sojourn Healing Collective on Thursday, April 25 from 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm to submerge yourself in the Sacred Nature Sound Bath engulfed by the rhythm, melody, harmony and silence of landscape and wildlife.

We invite you to open your heart and mind to think differently about the planet and your relationship to it.

Live wild.  Be responsible.  Stay rooted. Love nature.


Jeny Dawson and Mark Carter own and operate Zen Soul Balance - a holistic wellness company based in San Diego, specializing in yoga, sound healing, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition. They are Registered Yoga Teachers and hold certifications in sound healing, holistic health, yoga for children with special needs, and leadership development. Together they inspire others to live healthy lives - to embrace the unity of body, mind and spirit as the catalyst for optimal health and wellness. In addition to large group experiences, ZSB offers private Yoga and Sound Therapy sessions to individual clients.

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