Sparking Joy: An Interview with Christine McClellan

What does Joy mean to you? Tell us about WHY and HOW you started your business, JoyConnector!

JOY is the inextinguishable source within that draws us forward and makes our lives worth living well.  Joy is faith in action. I started JOYConnector because I realized I couldn’t not share this for even one day longer. With every job I had learned to be in service to others in a very personal way, from a 20-year career in executive leadership consulting to starting a dance company. I knew there was something bigger and deeper I had to offer from my experience. So I rented a small shared office space on Wall Street in Manhattan and got started. That was March 2015.  As I expand and grow personally, the business grows and changes too.

What modalities of healing do you use in your private sessions and individual healings?

Interview with Christine McClellan

Interview with Christine McClellan

I believe we all know what we need intuitively, and I empower my clients to heal themselves. The way client information appears to me looks like a map of the soul. I read the body, the mind, the heart and share the information I see about guidance and pertinent data of past and present lives. Mediumship and intuitive knowledge are my central tools. I also will lay hands on a client to move energy and get further data. I offer plant synergies, movement like dance and yoga as well as meditation practices to further the self-healing process.    

Your practice also includes Aromatherapy products. What led you to provide this offering?

I’ve had sensitivities to what I put in and on my body since childhood.  When in doubt, I find answers in my kitchen. One day about two years into working with JOYConnector clients and feeling exhausted I was particularly baffled. A friend suggested I talk with Amy Galper at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. Amy offered me a certified education in plant aromatic medicine. From depression and anxiety to fertility and a host of physical ailments, plants are always my first stop in serving mind, body and spirit.  I use all of my products on myself, and share them with friends, clients and family. I’ve seen miracles come from hopeless situations, and eagerly continue my plant education year after year.  

You are hosting an upcoming workshop at Sojourn— Intuition Mastery: Develop Your Intuitive Healing Abilities. What is this workshop all about? Who is this for ideally?

I’m glad you asked!  This workshop is for anyone who struggles with indecision, trust, faith, anxiety, sensitivity and self doubt. It’s for everyone who suspects there is an easier way to live and enjoy a bigger freer way of life.  The workshop is all about discovering the power of our intuition and how to apply it to our life decisions from a greater sense of purpose.  It’s for all ages and all walks of life.

Aside from helping others find their joy, what sparks joy in your life?

Immediately I think of:

  • My Love’s beautiful smile, 

  • My dog’s inhibition as he plays or sleeps, and 

  • Dancing with abandon 

All bring me great joy.  Thanks, that was fun!

To learn more, join Christine and the Sojourn community for her Intuition Mastery workshop on Saturday, April 27, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

About Christine:

Christine McClellan is an American communications expert and can best be described as a “Modern Medicine Woman.” In her twenty-five years of client work, she balances a variety of practices that includes Angelic healing, psychic mediumship, organizational psychology and spiritualism. In 2015, she founded her holistic client practice, Joy Connector, and later a personalized healing line, Joy Collection, after becoming a licensed Aromatherapist. Chris has served corporate executive leadership as an advisor and coach for companies such as Time Warner, ESPN/ABC Sports and Citigroup resulting in improved business results and overall team performance. Chris also has 10 years of experience teaching dance, meditation & somatic movement to children and adults. She holds a BA degree in Communications and Business. She is a certified Spirit Junkie Master Trainer. Chris hails from Shirley, MA currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Interview by Taina Berardi