Introducing Healing Hour & Citrine Membership!

Healing is an art. It takes time; it takes practice; it takes love.

Sojourn was founded as a holistic healing and wellness center to provide our community with an integrative approach to TOTAL well-being. To address full mind/body/soul healing at this level we brought on so many amazing teachers and healers to offer yoga, reiki, meditation, massage, acupuncture, intuitive readings, workshops, corporate programs, community events and so much more! With all of these integrative modalities, Sojourn is able to facilitate healing unique to each individual; allowing for authentic revelation of your truest self and a realization of your greatest potential from within.

This month we are really excited to kick-off our newest offering in collaboration with our healers and our community with an event called Healing Hour and the re-launch of the Citrine Membership offer.

Healing Hour will be a fully restorative event where we celebrate and share the gift of healing with our extended community and provide an opportunity to discover the many benefits of our Citrine Membership. Our healers will welcome you into our sanctuary with a selection of 20-minute healing sessions meant to align, balance and restore your full complex. Each of our healers and a description of their mini-session are listed below. Healing Hour takes place on Sunday, April 28 from 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and sessions are received on a first come first served basis. Each session is $30 for 20-minutes.

In addition, these mini-sessions are samplings of what you can expect from our Citrine Membership which includes ALL Quartz Member benefits PLUS a 60-minute healing session of your choice EVERY MONTH!  If you are looking for a way to regularly experience much-needed self-love and self-care, with access to daily yoga, meditation, breathwork and monthly 60-minute healing sessions, Citrine Membership is an amazing opportunity!

We hope to see you at Healing Hour where you can meet all of our resident healers, teachers and community, answers any of your questions and support you along your healing journey. Invite your friend who could use a little “me-time” as well!

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Integrative Healing with Taina Berardi - Explore the limitless benefits of integrative healing with a mini-session focused on alleviating suffering, pain and dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit complex. Taina employs the ancient healing arts of Reiki, meditation, visualization, pranayama breathwork, aromatherapy, self-compassion cultivation and relaxation techniques to balance, restore and revitalize her students and clients. Designed to reduce stress, remediate chronic pain, invigorate energy, unblock and cleanse the chakras and promote overall health and well being, experience a completely customized session, intuitively tailored to your unique needs and constitution!

Mini Astrology Reading with Shawna Christine - In Astrology “The Big Three” refers to your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, do you know what they are? Each has a special meaning and direction for your life and it’s fun to take a deeper look. In this 20-minute reading we’ll go over what your sun, moon and rising sign are, their attributes, and house position. (Date, time, and place of birth required.)

Crystal Healing Recharge with Karla Clarke - Enjoy 10 minutes of pure relaxation while receiving energy to help you balance and move forward with power... For the first 10 minutes you relax on a massage table; crystals are applied to your chakras and power points while ancient chants are toned over you. This can help many things - our relationship with time and space, our experience of our emotions and mental energies, even how we feel with our physical vitality! For the second part, you receive a 10 minute blessing to help move the energy from old or new wounds- or you can choose to receive a blessing for good fortune!

Inner Child Healing with Charlene Corpus - When we go through heartbreak or trauma, our energetic centers can be blocked from the weight of emotion. Your heart and sacral chakra will be brought into balance and connected, that you may  feel safe being who you are and open to loving who you are again. You'll meet your inner child in this shamanic meditation, to hear them clearly. You have what they need and you can give it to them.

Sound Healing Meditation with Bruce Reeves - Incorporating crystal healing bowls + gongs.

Intuitive Reading + Reiki with Kevin Rehberg - 15 min Reiki Session along with 5 min Intuitive Reading, Crystal Healing, and Essential Oils.

Crystal Healing with Dawn Ressel - Dawn uses several different sacred rituals that use crystals that can help a variety of issues, such as emotional issues, physical issues, or even time management. I work with you individually to use the methods and crystals that work best for your situation.

Healing Alchemy of Love & Oneness with Sara Whaley
- A heart-centered intuitive healing experience using an alchemy of modalities such as healing touch, reiki, prana, and shamanism.  During this session you will experience: a cleansing and clearing of your auric field; removal of energetic blockages; balancing and activation of your chakras; and integration of the new healing energy into your field.  This is a healing session to activate your connection to your highest self and promote overall peace of mind.

Intuitive Card Reading + Reiki with Nathan Ziccarelli

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