Astrology Forecast: May 2019

The key to growth is acknowledging your fear of the unknown and jumping in anyway.
— Jen Sincero

Spring has sprung and as we head into the month the Sun is in the Venus ruled earth sign Taurus which gives us perfect ground for growth, fertility, stability, and harmony. Absolutely, perfect grounds for growth.

Amongst the myriad of movements in the cosmos, we will focus on a few happenings in the stars this month that will help you get grounded and ready to meet your mark. We’ll look at The New Moon in Taurus May 4, what Venus is doing in the sky and the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18.

May 4, 2019 Taurus New Moon 14° at 3:45 pm PST

Astrology by Shawna Christine

Astrology by Shawna Christine

This new moon is a powerful time to implement a grounded way to start new endeavors. Taurus being a fixed earth sign means it brings a physicality that gives great stability and nourishment to manifest your dreams. It is a perfect time to plant a literal garden and also a time to plant the ethereal seeds that will foster the greatest growth in your life for the direction you want to go. Here are some aspects of the moon to consider:

Moon trine Saturn and South Node in Capricorn: This harmonious energy to the New moon gives you a great opportunity to rethink your ways and what you can let go of that doesn't serve you-- while at the same time setting intentions to what your new approach will be. What limitations have you set on yourself that do not align with what you want to do…Make sure you follow through with what you said you would do! Make sure you’re living in integrity. Invoke patience to sow the seeds you've planted.

Sextile Neptune in Pisces: A sextile is an opportunity. Being that this is the combo of the  Moon and dreamy Neptune, it gives you a chance to daydream a little. You’ll feel creative, really enjoy art, music, and fantasizing a bit. It can enhance the romance in your life. Just make sure to stay grounded. Take a little trip down to the beach or park and put your feet in the dirt and GROUND... Breathe, contemplate and channel that earthy energy. Make sure your endeavors are clear, new ways of being are solid, really support you and resonate with how you love yourself and the visions you want to attain in your life. Look for any negative illusions you need to dissolve regarding your self-worth.

Venus in Taurus May 15-June 9, 2019

Venus is named for the goddess of love. It is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, romance, and our values and possessions. It is also how we see the beauty and our relation to those things that we love in our lives and also our own self-worth. How we value ourselves has everything to do with the level of growth we allow ourselves. On May 15th Venus leaves the fiery sign of Aries and enters into its home sign Taurus. This makes a great set up to work on the divine feminine and to focus on security-- security with your finances, security in love and security in self-worth. Really take this time to take care of yourself and determine what makes YOU comfortable and what will really bring stability for YOU in the long haul. You could, however, feel a little lazy during this transit as Taurus the bull can be a little slow but definitely steady. You may also crave the finer things… just make sure you don’t overdo it in any area of your life and seek balance. Taurus can have some hoarding qualities and cause you to hang on a little too much; this includes relationships, jobs, and also tangible things.

See what area Taurus is in your chart and do a little cleaning out in that area of your life so you can then grow in that area, allowing the things that truly serve you to come in. And remember, love yourself to the fullest and the love that you seek in any area of your life will have no choice but to appear.

Scorpio Full Moon 27° May 18, 2019 at 2:11 PM PST

This watery magical full Moon will bring out your deeper side. It's time to delve into your emotions and reveal to yourself your true nature. You could feel the urge to release shallow relationships and secrets may be revealed by others. The Sun opposite the full Moon is conjunct Mercury. The moon itself is also trine Chiron in Aries.

Full Moon opposite Mercury: As your deeper feelings are illuminated its best during this time to think before you speak; the floodgates of communication can release in your mind. Take a step back and don't get involved. Observe. Find the right words and thoughtfully share your emotions-- if you feel that it is the best. Just try not to get caught up in any drama.

Full Moon Trine Chiron: This aspect could also make you a little sensitive but mostly it's a time to release old wounds. Just know there is a possibility that old stuff could come up. Take this moment to be aware of where you came from and where you're going and recognize how far you've actually come! Give yourself credit for how you've healed yourself. Like with all full moons, be willing to release what does not serve you to call in new aspirations.

In Conclusion

By looking at the New Moon, Venus and the Scorpio full moon, this month we can see the theme of what we need to grow. This is a time of stable fertile ground to manifest all of the abundances of what we deserve. Utilize it!

Get clear, focus on self-worth, releasing old ways, clearing what doesn't serve us and act with integrity. This is the true recipe for all you desire in this magical growth of the season.

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