The Purpose Filled Path by Whitney Yarnall

Whitney Yarnall, Founder of Sojourn Healing Collective

Whitney Yarnall, Founder of Sojourn Healing Collective

Hi! In case you’re new to the community, I’m Whitney, Sojourn’s Founder and Community Director. I founded Sojourn a little over two years ago and we officially opened doors to the public in September 2017. Sojourn is a Healing Collective, meaning we offer a variety of different modalities of physical, emotional and spiritual healing; Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Massage, Shamanic Healing and so much more. My intention in creating a physical healing space was to allow others to heal, to grow and to become the highest possible expression of themselves. I wanted people to have a space where they can show up exactly as they are on their path, no questions asked, no “healing” experience required. A space and a community that supports and helps to uplift everyone who walks through the doors.

Why did I want to create it?” is a question I often get. Well, I am like so many others who have experienced pain, trauma and tragedy early in life. After years of trying a western approach of medication and therapy to treat my symptoms, I pulled myself onto a different healing path in search of the root cause of my physical and emotional issues. I explored ancient Eastern practices, such as Ayurveda and Reiki. Somewhere in the midst of my long, confusing, lonely healing journey I had a profound vision of a healing space. It was a collective space where every healer or guide who had impacted my healing journey helped others to heal and enjoyed time together. The intention of the space, I could feel so deeply… so that no one would have to navigate their healing journey alone.

Now like most businesses, Sojourn didn’t just magically appear overnight...

Three years ago, you would have found me dreaming about Sojourn at my cushy, corporate desk job. At that point, I had spent a few years nurturing the idea and visualizing its existence. I was ready to start taking action to create it. So, I searched high and low for anyone who could guide or mentor me in the venture of creating a conscious, yet well structured business. But, I didn’t find anyone who had been there before. In retrospect, I know that the Universe was secretly guiding me on the journey of conscious business creation, alone, in order to one day share it with others who have similar, BIG missions in this world.

Once Sojourn opened doors and the business and mission began flourishing, I found myself being sought out by healers, spiritual business owners, and those seeking to find their purpose the way I had. This signaled to me that my then current role in the community needed to expand. I had to begin serving the healers, leaders and change makers so that they could in turn widen the reach of our collective mission. So, I created one-on-one and group mentorship programs for all of those people, teaching them how to begin an energetically aligned business which would serve both them and their clients at a high level. Through this new aspect of my business and Sojourn my intention is still, to inspire and empower others to live their highest possible vision for their life. I feel so passionately that this is why I am here, and an aspect of that is helping to awaken consciousness through guiding others to birth their soul missions in the form of a business. There is nothing that brings me greater joy and sense of purpose to have created what I wish had existed when I embarked on this wild entrepreneurial journey.

For those of you who are seeking inspiration on your journey and feel like you are on the precipice of your soul's purpose, I’m sharing a couple of my favorite tips with you below:

Trust the unfolding of your path. Be consistently curious about your path and the guidance you receive. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you to the next step. We are constantly being guided by the universe, guides, guardians, whatever it is that you believe is beyond our physical experience. Be willing to stay curious, stay open and trust that the next step is being revealed in exactly the right time. Until then, enjoy the ebbs and flows of the physical experience.

  • Get to know your Intuition. Listen to yourself and be curious when you feel heavy, or light. When you feel drained or fulfilled. This is your Intuition, your soul’s GPS.

  • If you are open, if you are healing, if you are aligned, the path will reveal itself to you. Be patient and trust the unfolding.

Take inspired action towards your dreams. When you receive a vision or an intuitive hit, trust that the vision is yours and begin to take inspired action to find or create it. You are not given a vision unless you have the full capacity to bring it though your physical being. But the important part about this is to imagine yourself as river, not a reservoir. All that you gain, create, receive, experience, must flow through you. It is not yours to keep, but yours to share. If you feel “stuck,” make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Do what brings you true joy, not just temporary fulfilment.

  • Consistently ask the question: “What do I have that the world needs?”

At the end of May, I’m leading an intimate group of conscious entrepreneurs on a 12 week journey to accelerate their businesses and create a life that is both abundant and of massive service to the world. We can have both, and I can show you how! If you, or anyone you know, could use guidance, accountability and powerful support from someone who has been there, I’m here for you and passionate about being of service in this way! Head to my website to schedule a connection call or find out other ways you can work with me:

You can also join me this week at Sojourn for my event— Sip & Share Social: Manifestation Mindset for an intimate, intentional gathering of like minded souls! This unique event is intended to help to support emerging spiritual entrepreneurs with their business goals and those seeking guidance and support in discovering their soul's purpose. Just bring yourself, your pure intentions and any business questions to workshop with the group this Monday, May 13, 2019 from 6:00 PM  to 7:30 PM. This is a FREE EVENT! However space is limited, so please SIGN UP HERE in advance!