Ayurveda Series: Pitta Season by Kelly Mahoney

It’s officially Pitta Season, which of course means SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE and we love (almost) everything about it! Ayurveda teaches us that the same elements and vibrations that make the seasons unique, inhabit each of us in varying degrees. As Pitta, the fire element, rises in the seasons, it also rises in our bodies and minds.  

Written By Kelly Mahoney

Written By Kelly Mahoney

The qualities of Pitta are hot, sharp, rough, intense and fast. Sounds a lot like summer (and also maybe a lot like you or someone you know). When Pitta is strong and in balance, we make intelligent, decisive decisions. We exhibit courage and passion. We influence and inspire the people and world around us in productive ways. Just the right amount of Pitta helps us to get things done, instills confidence and ultimately empowers us to step into our leadership. Everyone loves a pitta their power!

Anatomically, Pitta rules digestion and absorption. In balance, we have a strong, active digestive system with a healthy metabolism. Out of balance, we are likely to experience digestive/stomach related issues such as IBS, colitis, acid reflux, liver disease and can even become susceptible to autoimmune disease. An excess of Pitta also causes increased irritability and a tendency toward harsh judgement in the way we digest and interact with the people and world around us. 

Pitta tends toward extremes. When it’s out of balance, we go too fast, push too hard and become extremely critical of ourselves and others. We feel spread out in 100 directions and think we can do it all, although we should not. If your constitution already leans toward Pitta dominance, this season can easily bring you out of balance no matter how much you love the heat and high energy. Too much Pitta can lead to irritability, anger, jealousy, breakouts/rashes, digestive issues, inflammation, and eventually, burn out of the mind and body.   

Ayurveda, is the “sister science” of yoga and it teaches us to address our health as whole beings. It gives us tools to bring each dosha into balance mentally, physically and spiritually. As the seasons shift, we are asked to shift how show up for ourselves and for others in consciously relevant ways. Since the attributes of Pitta are hot, sharp, rough, intense and fast, we look to moderation to balance the intensity of its heat. We cool the body, slow the mind and soften the heart.  

Join Kelly for this installment of her Ayurveda Workshop Series on Thursday, July 18, 7pm - 8:30pm at Sojourn Healing Collective.

You will learn …

  • How to productively use Pitta in balance 

  • Develop awareness when it goes out of balance

  • Ways to restore balance and productivity through lifestyle (food, movement, breathwork, sleep patterns and other practices)

You will enjoy…

  • A Pitta pacifying yoga practice

  • A cooling pranayama to reduce heat in the body

  • A calming meditation to reduce intensity in the mind

  • Oils that cool the body and open the heart

  • Mantras to soften the heart

Please bring a journal, pen and come dressed to practice. The first half of the workshop you will learn/share/journal and the second half you will enjoy a practice that pacifies the pitta in and around you.


Kelly completed her 200hr teacher training simply in effort to find more balance (i.e. to create space for something other than her high stress corporate America gig). She got way more than she bargained for- more joy, more peace and a desire to share this journey of transformation with others. Kelly teaches Lotus Flow which is a chakra based vinyasa that moves the body with the breath- attentive to healing and energizing the subtle body as the practice progresses from root to crown. Music that sparks the soul is her jam. Dharma themes threaded through the sequence provides focus for the practice and encourages self study on and off the mat. She lives for the way the breath moves the body, the way the body clears the mind and in that moment, all that's left is heart. Her goal is to hold space for her students to turn inward and connect through the strength of heart that's in us all.