Astrology Forecast: August 2019

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” 

~Abraham Lincoln

August Astrology 2019

It is Leo season. We start the month fresh out of Mercury retrograde in Cardinal water sign Cancer. We deeply went over our emotions in certain areas of our lives and now we are starting to dry out that excess water with the fiery creative, expressive energy of Leo. It’s time to put everything in front of you and see what you can do. This is about your greatest self-expression. Leo is a fixed fire sign and an expert at keeping the flames burning. It sustains, it plays, it shows how. This month feel free to express yourself. Also, it's important to take time to listen to others share what they have too. This is when we co-create together better. Make sure to put yourself in situations with people that inspire your creativity where you can play and shine and they can do the same. We have Jupiter direct the same day that Uranus is going retrograde and that is going to help change us from the inside out, so that natural motivation comes up on its own. It is time to fuel our inner fire and by looking at Jupiter, Uranus and the New and Full Moon this month we can see where the energies are giving us opportunities to do just that!

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

New Moon in Leo 8° July 31st @8:10PM PDT

The New Moon this cycle falls just before the month starts and about 47 minutes after that exact New Moon, Mercury will go direct. The moon will be conjunct with the planet of love and abundance, Venus, which is in Leo, trine lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius and square liberating Uranus. All about new beginnings, this moon will prime us to see what we can do about increasing our abundance by using our knowledge and our rebel like will to get things moving. We also have a Yod in the sky this day which consists of a sextile and two quincunxes from Neptune and Pluto having the exit point of Mars. a Yod is also called “The finger of God”

 Moon conjunct Venus: This is pleasurable feel-good energy. Bask in your affectionate side and express your love. This is going to set a good vibe for harmonious intentions moving you forward to what really feels good for you and possibly what feels good for someone else in your life too.

Moon trine Jupiter: Where can you spread your wings and fly? What can you do with your new found knowledge and plan an adventure? It's also a time to expand and explore something more in this journey that's been unfolding for you.

Moon square Uranus: This aspect will only bring aggravation if you're not willing to take risks. Something has come to your awareness that you need to break free from. Comfort aside, be true to yourself and do what you need to. It's just the doing something different, that is the hard part, the result of your action will be beneficial.

Yod “The finger of God”: The sextile between Neptune and Pluto is giving you an opportunity, you need to activate it though. What spiritual realizations have you made lately that you can let go into and cause an ultimate transformation? These two planets are quincunx Mars the planet of our drive and courage. That's where the finger of God is pointing to. Mars in Leo our will and passion to show what we’ve learned and to express our inner creations out onto the world. Make the adjustment and then you are free to shine.

Jupiter Direct and Uranus Retrograde August 11th thru January 12, 2020

Jupiter goes direct on August 11th it has been retrograde since April 10th. During this time it is important to assess your beliefs and search inside for answers. As it goes direct we will start to see the fruits of our inner expansion showing on the exterior. Starting to see results of the work we’ve done in itself is motivating and food for the soul indeed. If you haven't consciously been doing this there is still time to look back to notice where certain things have moved us to new awarenesses. The next step is to actively start to expand on that. 

Uranus will be retrograde from August 11th thru January 12, 2020. This goes direct two days before the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that we've all been anticipating. Uranus makes things happen it wants you to let your freak flag fly and get outside that box. It shifts things to show you what that is. While it's retrograde you will start to feel the shifting on the inside. This is so important to get your fire burning to make the changes you need to make as we enter into the age of Aquarius. It's hard to make changes in our life unless we are really feeling it. No faking here. If you feel that visceral shift don't hang on and let it cause inner turmoil… go with it. You are the rebel- you are a trailblazer! Let your inner workings align with your outside abilities and show the world what you got!

Full Moon In Aquarius 22° August 15th @5:29AM PDT

Full moons have everything to do with our emotions and usually, that has a lot to do with our relationships. This Aquarius moon is no exception. Aquarians crave emotional freedom and this moon is opposite the Sun conjunct Venus, which is conjunct Mars. This is a perfect time to pump that Aquarian futuristic vision into our projects and relationships. Another aspect of the day I’d like to mention is Saturn sesquiquadrate Mars.

Moon opposite Sun conjunct Venus conjunct Mars: In the collective, in our projects or relationships we are feeling bliss or seeing the potential for perfect bliss. Aquarius is ahead of its time and this full moon is showing you how it can be. Be careful not to retreat into your own space. Instead, learn to express how you can implement new ideas into these aspects of your life to create a more harmonious expression of what you foresee.

This opposition and conjunction to Mars can create some friction. There can be some sexual arousal need and desire, whether that be in a relationship with something or someone in your life or a blooming project. Be aware that Mars and Venus are the divine Masculine and Feminine and we need these counterparts to create anything. There needs to be a balance of these masculine and feminine energies to get anywhere.

Saturn sesquiquadrate Mars: Come to your situation with a vision and plan you see with this full moon to express the changes you will make so you are the example. It's important to bring stamina and discipline to figure out what will work, not having the tiring need to control the situation.

In Conclusion

I've been over only a few things happening this month that can fuel your fire and truly bring you that shift you’ve been needing to get up and going into your new future. There are so many energetic happenings in any given day that we can activate and harness to catapult us closer to where we want to be. It's really up to you. Is there something missing you can't quite put your finger on? Do you want to do something different in your life but you're just not sure what it is? Getting a birth chart or transit reading can really help stoke that fire within you and give you direction and confirmation on something that was just lingering within you. To find out where these events and more are happening in your chart contact Shawna Christine for an astrology reading and get ready for your future to unfold! Blessings.


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