Astrology Forecast: July 2019

July Astrology 2019 - Eclipse Season

It’s July, summer is here, the Solstice came and Neptune went retrograde the same day. Neptune is all about spirituality, intuition, our hopes dreams, and our connection to the divine, everything unseen. With retrograde the veil drops, things lingering out of sight come to the surface. We see through facades and hidden agendas. We can even see where we may have been fooling ourselves. It is a perfect set up the week before the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, which is the New Moon this month. It's like the universe is giving us another tool to help us through our transformations this summer. We need to take this time to be aware and go over things to get the most out of the energies this month. We’ll look at the New Moon Eclipse, Mercury retrograde in Cancer, and the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Buckle up it’ll be an interesting month. If you're looking for new beginnings you're in for a treat.

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer 10° July 2, at 12:16PM PST

Eclipses are something that call for our attention. This one is a solar eclipse on the New Moon and is wanting us to look at a new beginning somewhere in our lives. It is telling us to take action and implement new ways to create a fertile, healthy foundation to grow in while coming through our transformations. It’s calling attention to transformation because it is opposite Saturn, Pluto and the South Node- the trifecta that has been calling us to change to shift to release old habits and move into a new form. If you haven't heard me say it before, this is what this year is all about. The Sun and Moon conjunct the North Node in Cancer, the Cosmic Mother, is leading us in the direction of our destiny. She’s shining to where we need to find comfort in what truly makes us happy in our hearts. It is the path of self-love and creativity. We usually feel the effects of a New Moon for 4 weeks. The effects of this New Moon Solar Eclipse last for 6 months.

 New moon conjunct North Node: Check in with yourself to not only set your regular new moon intentions but really look at your values and priorities. Set realistic action steps that reflect your deeper values. They can be big things but even small things are good, especially taking better care of yourself can make a huge difference. Now- GO DO IT.

Square Chiron: We’re coming off a square from Chiron that may have made us a little sensitive the week prior to this eclipse. There may have been a little wavering in belief in yourself. This is showing you where your thinking needs to change- know you are worth it and you can accomplish that thing. It is bringing up the pain so you know where you still need a little work. This can most likely be solved with a little attention to you and your own needs.

Opposite Saturn: If any frustration comes up it may be this aspect. If things don't seem to be happening as fast know that you are doing the work and all good things take time. This is showing you where you need to keep up with your responsibilities again, write down and take actionable steps… it is time to SHIFT

Mercury Retrograde from 04° Leo - 23° Cancer from July 7-31, 2019

Mercury retrograde once again. It entered shadow at 23° Cancer on June 20. Shadow marks the degree that Mercury will retrograde back to, so that will leave us going back over things that we went through with our thoughts and communications since June 20. So keep in mind any  decisions you’ve made since then.

This Mercury retrograde will be more profound since it is happening during the eclipse season. The retrograde starts out Conjunct Mars, Square Uranus, and Trine Chiron. This may set the tone for things that show up along the way.

Conjunct Mars: We need to practice mental assertiveness. Mars wants to get things done. Seek cooperation and try not to rush to avoid mishaps and frustrations. Give yourself extra time to get things done.

Square Uranus: Expect the unexpected. There will be some interruptions. Be patient and watchful. Uranus brings insight so don't get irritated wait and see what's trying to get your attention. It may be leading you to new, more solid ground.

Trine Chiron: We need to remember that this retro is happening in Cancer a water sign. We’re going over our emotions heavily. Mercury RX has a reputation for bringing things back into our lives, with Chiron it can bring back old hurts, wounds, and past mistakes. Don't be hard on yourself or others and take it as a healing opportunity. If an old love comes back, this harmonious Trine makes it perfect for forgiving, forgetting and moving on to a better place. It doesn't necessarily mean you should get back together though- Be real, be friends and realize no one is perfect.

Partial Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon July 16, 2019 at 2:38PM 24° Capricorn

The full moon of any month can be an intense time. It's a time of accumulation. A pinnacle. We can take this time to look back at the last few weeks since we made our new intentions and took action to see if we overlooked something. This Partial Lunar Eclipse is all that and more. Like I mentioned above, it is a time of transformation. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves to not take advantage of the energies, to look back once again and see where we may have missed something that needs to be released. Most importantly this moon is conjunct Pluto- one of the most powerful planets. This planet is one of the stars of the show when it comes to cosmic renewal this year and it's speaking loud on this Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Moon conjunct Pluto: this is the strongest aspect of this moon. Pluto is the planet of deep psychic surgery. This conjunction can make some big emotions come up and it's up to you to resist or release. If you let it find the truth and let go into the path of what may seem scary or like a complete crumbling you will be relieved to know that after the let go comes peace and renewal. Letting go of control is the only way to smooth sailing. Take this opportunity to lean into the energies you may be called to and embrace it all. 

In Conclusion

By this time of year, we’ve been through a lot of these “transformational” energies. The Cosmos really are setting us up for where we really want to be. We've got a lot of retrograde planets now. They're having us go over things to make sure we’ve reviewed it all. It's time to let go of fear and love yourself to really believe you can do whatever it is you’ve been called to and achieve all that you desire. Even though the transitions may seem hard or scary you have all the support in the world the only thing you need now is TRUST. Lean in and let go and know we are all rooting for you.


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