Astrology Forecast: March 2019

Life is a dance, mindfulness is witnessing that dance.
— Amit Ray

With a month starting out as intense as March, mindfulness absolutely is the agenda. What is this intensity all about? It’s our first Mercury retrograde of the year, in Pisces on March 5. Mercury is all about communication and messages. Pisces is all about feelings, spirituality, nurturing, dreams, creativity, art, illusions and nebulous love. All of these attributes with a retrograde can make us just want to escape… more on that later.

There are a few events we’ll look at this month: immediately following Mercury going retrograde, we have a New Moon in Pisces on March 6 and the beautiful Libra full moon lands on the equinox this year.

Written by Shawna Christine

Written by Shawna Christine

Mercury Station Retrograde March 5 - 28 in Pisces

Mercury the messenger is the planet that has to do with all types of communication. It likes logic and detail and is in detriment in Pisces. This means it is not so comfortable there. Pisces can be boundaryless with nebulous unconditional love, spirituality, feelings and dreams...sometimes all the dreaminess can make it a little hard to see the truth. Sometimes things get lost in translation. Here are a few pointers for this month:

·      Take time to be in the moment. Be compassionate to yourself as well as others.

·      If others come to you with problems and hopefully solutions, just listen. Don’t shoot the messenger. Tap into the creativity this Pisces season brings and solve it.

·      If mishaps happen and expression feels befuddled. Take a deep meditative breath and seek clarity. Use that internal knowing and peacefully move forward letting go of any confusion and trust yourself.

A lot of information will be coming out whether we recognize it as that or not. The key is not to jump to any conclusions without seeking the truth. We need to remain in the moment, be mindful and stay on track. The goal this month is to be calm and consciously aware.

New Moon in Pisces 15° March 6 at 6:03 am PST

The Sun and Moon combine in the sky in watery Pisces this month. This new moon is conjunct to Neptune. It greatly enhances the intuitive and spiritual energy of this event. The New Moon is conjunct Neptune and as Pisces ruler makes this feeling even stronger. Along with this aspect, it will also be sextiling Mars and sextiling Uranus as well.

·      Conjunct Neptune: greatly enhances the intuitive and spiritual energy of this moon. Make sure to use that to your advantage and not let it leave you overly emotionally sensitive. Being aware of this makes it a great time to meditate. Go within and search for meaning. It will help us to find our true selves and connect to our soul purpose.

·      Sextile to Mars: Mars being our drive will give us the opportunity and the motivation to understand yourself at a soul level. An urge to full fill your divine mission and own who you are.

·       Sextile to Saturn: With sextiles being opportunities it makes this aspect to Saturn a perfect time to bring all that spirituality down to Earth to materialize dreams into a real thing for you. Look for chances to do so!

Full Moon in Libra 0° March 20 at 6:43 pm PST

The full moon this March comes about 4 hours after to Equinox. It is a beautiful Libra supermoon that craves beauty, love and harmony. What a great full moon to start the spring season with. Full moons are a pinnacle release and a time to bask and acknowledge as well. This moon is trine Mars, quincunx Uranus, Opposite Chiron and trine the South Node.

·      Trine Mars: This aspect makes this full moon a perfect time to be direct and assertive. You will feel the urge to forge ahead and get things done. Your passion and courage will be heightened to take advantage of this harmonious aspect to take the lead of your life or any situation this moon is influencing.

·      Quincunx Uranus: Uranus our rebel gives this feeling that something has got to give...this may be an impulsive energetic time to push forth into new territory based on what we foresee in our beautiful future.

·      Trine South Node: when we speak of the south node it can bring up things from the past or reference something we need to release. This harmonious aspect can help you let go with ease or also help something resurface from the past.

·       Opposite Chiron: this aspect can bring up some emotions or memories of things we have healed or further need to heal. If anything, it can show you just what those things are. This can be a time of acknowledgment to something that needs to be remembered and released to further step into your true self.

In Conclusion

This is definitely a “feeler” month. All that watery energy will really help you “know” just who you are, what you want and to be in the moment with that whatever it is. Take a moment to follow your intuition. You are a beautiful work in progress and the planetary energy is there to lift you into the realms of your spirituality be mindful of it enough to figure out what it is that you can bring down to Earth. Take time to discern and breathe. Mediate and what is real— and what is truth— will materialize right in front of you. Remember compassion to be true to yourself.


Shawna is a bodywork therapist and intuitive healer with 20 years of experience. Utilizing her knowledge of the body and inherent intuition she customizes each session to meet the exact needs of her clients. Her offerings include massage therapy, astrology, intuitive coaching and clarity talks as well. All of these items can other healing tools such as; cognitive exercises, nodal astrology, crystals, oracle cards, tuning forks, Reiki, and healing touch. Shawna is committed to inspiring, guiding and uplifting people through enlightenment, support and encouragement. During the life journey she believes raising consciousness is one of the most important things you can do! To see what is happening in your chart and what these aspects mean for you. Natal charts and aspect readings are available now with Shawna Christine at Sojourn Healing Collective.