Astrology Forecast: October 2019

October Astrology 2019

As we enter October it's Libra season. Libra a Cardinal sign has initiating energy. Ruled by Venus it is about relationships. Relationships with each other but also with other things in our lives such as objects, habits, money, work, etc. Libra an air sign seeks balance.  It is time to bring true harmony in relationship to all things in all areas of life. We’ll also be starting to feel that Scorpio energy as some planets will be moving into that sign as well. We start the month with Pluto going direct. Mars goes into Libra. Mercury and Venus will be entering the sign of Scorpio and spend some time together. We have a Full Moon in Aries on October 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio October 28th and finally wrapping up the month on the 31st Mercury once again goes retrograde- this time in the water sign Scorpio. How can we utilize these energies? Let's take a look...

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July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

October 3rd

Pluto stations retrograde

Pluto rules the sign Scorpio and is all about life, death, and rebirth. This retrograde has been giving us some time to take a deep look within. Since April some catalysts may have occurred or we may have delved down into the depths of our psyche and found the need to heal and purge. This gives us the strength to be who we need to be for ourselves and the collective. What have you been hanging on to? What habits of yours do not serve the life you're wanting to lead? It’s time to let go of fears and trust while letting go of control. If things have been crumbling just wait, the growth and transformation are around the corner.

Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury the planet of communication and how our minds work is entering intense Scorpio, the natural detective. Our minds move towards our passions and desires wanting deep conversations and interactions. We’ll steer away from the mundane and shallow relationships and exchanges. Ask yourself, what are your deepest desires? People with Mercury and Scorpio are a bit telepathic so try to tap into this ability. Don't be surprised if people are more extreme with their expressions of self. People may also be more prone to sharing their secrets with you. Take this time to learn more about whatever is around you.

October 4th 

Mars enters Libra

Mars is our drive and how we get things done. In the diplomatic sign of Libra, Mars will be slowing us down a little to weigh options and to try and see things more objectively. Mars in Libra is also time to look at our relationships and make sure we have the ones that are moving forward with us. Make sure that you do what's best for yourself as well as the other and try not to make sacrifices that don't align with what you believe. We want to take actions that let everyone win without sacrificing the self.

 October 8th

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus the planet of divine feminine receptive energy. It can feel a little vulnerable and intense in the sign of Scorpio. It's going to crave things that can  be felt on a deeper level. While Venus is traveling in the sky next to Mercury it's going to be attracted to what brings stimulation and delving deep into the mind. Somewhat of a sapiosexual attraction will be in the air. What moves you? Use this time to find deeper and richer meanings to things. What has gotten a little too much for you and  can you sort out of your life that’s not working? What brings you pleasure? What can you do to bring these things into your life and learn a little more about your true desires?

October 13th

Full moon in Aries 20° @2:07PM

This intense fiery Aries moon is opposite the Sun in Libra. This is about the self vs. the other. Our domineering qualities vs. indecisive behaviors

It is being T-squared by Pluto our powerful planet of the psyche, hidden fears, diving deep and emerging the Pheonix. Full moons show you things. Get ready to do some serious releasing. What seeds did you plant 6 months ago during the Aries new moon in April? Pluto can bring things up from the deep subconscious. An almost exact Trine to Jupiter will make this moon more adventurous and you can take these new illuminations to a whole nutha level! Observe, release and realign to CREATE your dream.

October 23rd

Sun moves into Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio triggers long hard looks at our inner desires. We want to feel the depth and richness of life. We want to avoid drama and avoid small talk all at the same time. How can we achieve our goals on a deeper soul level? At this time pay attention to what Pluto is doing in your chart as that is the ruling planet of Scorpio.

October 27th

New Moon in Scorpio 04° @ 8:37 PM PDT

This New Moon in Scorpio will be opposite liberating Uranus in Taurus and trining the North Node in Cancer. The North Node represents our divine destiny and what we should be moving towards. In Cancer, it's about the home, foundations and what the heart truly finds comfort in. Yet the opposition to Uranus can leave us feeling a little rebellion. Depending on where this is happening in your chart it is telling you it’s time to make that shift in the right direction. Go within, make a plan, set intentions for how you can become your truest, most daring version of yourself. Start implementing when you see the first sliver of the New Moon.

October 31st-November 20th

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury will be spending about 3 weeks retrograde in Scorpio. As it stations retrograde it will be conjunct Venus. This is going to give us an intense psychological look into our minds and the workings of our relationships. We can be having conversations about our emotions, intimacy, sexuality and also financial obligations. We will re-evaluate how we express how we deeply feel about these things. We will have time to renew, re-invent and re-claim fluidity in these areas of our lives. As with all Scorpio energies, it's definitely NOT a time to shy away from getting deep. During this time old traumas or past issues could resurface. Remain calm to be able to express your emotions.  As always for better sailing with Mercury retrogrades; back up computers, go over plans especially while traveling and reconfirm times and dates of appointments. Also, avoid signing contracts if you can at least not without proper review.

In Conclusion

October is going to be a great month of great healing. With Venus and Pluto being key players it’s time to delve deep into our inner workings find what brings us peace and emerge the true gods and goddesses that we are! 

Finding out where these planets are doing their dance in your chart can be an eye-opening experience. It will shed some clarity and confirmation to help you move forward smoothly...It’s time to let the old fall away to get to the place where the Pheonix takes flight.

Blessings and Love!


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