Astrology Forecast: September 2019

“Act the way you like to be and soon you will be the way you like to act” 

~Bob Dylan

September Astrology 2019

Here we are in Virgo season. September is here and life is in full swing. The seasons are about to change and school is in session! There's been a shift in routines that also comes with an ever watching eye— quick to assess and see what's wrong and what needs to be done. Virgo, an earth sign, is mutable energy, which means “changeable”. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. It represents the mind and communication.

Virgo the Virgin is all about perfection, health, and service to others. It pays attention to details and wants to do things right. Our awareness of these things can be a little overwhelming at times and can leave us overly critical. How will we implement all we need to do into our lives?

The New Moon in Virgo lands on August 30th which helps us. We also have a Full Moon in Pisces and a few days after that Saturn goes direct. We’ll look at these three cosmic happenings to see what energy is in store for us and how it flows. As we enter this last part of the year let’s see how we can use this energy to integrate all we need into our lives smoothly. 

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

July Astrology Forecast by Shawna Christine

New Moon in Virgo 6°  August 30th@ 3:36 AM PDT

This New Moon is a powerful one. Mars the planet of our passion and drive will be 1° from the New Moon. Sandwiching this cluster on either side is Mercury (our mind) and Venus (our love). This creates a 5 planet stellium in Virgo and it's really humming to get things done. It couldn't be more perfect for a New Moon, where we are always able to plant seeds for growth. You’ll usually see the fruit of this cycle 6 months from the intention setting. This is a perfect time to start acting like the person who possesses everything you long for. Think about what you want for yourself as we enter the fall and winter seasons and plan your new routine.

 New Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury, and Venus: Normally Mars conjunct this moon would breed a lot of ferocity in getting things done that could erupt in unfavorable ways with others. Fortunately, this month we’ve got Venus softening things for us and Mercury on the other side helping us with communication. This is a perfect time to heal relationships with others. We can communicate well and take actionable steps to create harmony in our lives. Virgo is Earth energy, it’s a prime element for manifesting. Definitely get a new morning routine! And do something nice for the other person in a relationship and take this time to truly be of service in your life in general.

New Moon Trine Saturn: Harmonious Energy Alert!!! Saturn is the father of time. It's our work in the world, our responsibility, the structures around us. It’s what we need to do to get where we are going. This is another signal to work on our routines. It's so important that our actions line up with our wishes and wants. There's going to be a direct energetic flow between Saturn and the New Moon, use it.  Is there something you need to do that you've been putting off because you feel it's hard to do? Now is the time to do it. You’ll be greatly supported. Taking this action will make opportunities appear.

New Moon Trine Uranus: Uranus is retrograde and is changing us on the inside to make these liberating shifts- and this is exactly what this aspect will support you in. Take the leap- it is time!

New moon sesquiquadrate Pluto: Pluto is also retrograde and assisting us in our transformations. A sesquiquadrate is giving you messages from your past, or another timeline. Pay attention to the clues and take action to assist your growth.

New Moon Quincunx Chiron: Chiron retrograde in Aries is showing us where we need to heal our self-identity. A quincunx if something that needs to shift that will lead you to an opportunity. It’s time to let go of what you perceive your shortcomings to be. Plant the seed... and do the thing!!!

Saturn in Capricorn 13° stations direct @ 1:47 AM PDT

Saturn often gets a bad rap. It is structure and boundaries, and limitations. Saturn pushes us to see what we really want and what we do not. Saturn wants us to be responsible. Saturn is also the lord of time and Karma. It has everything to do with our integrity.

While it's retrograde it gives us time to go over these things. What have we made ourselves responsible for? What doesn't line up with our intentions needs to be redirected and amended, responsibly. If you feel like you should be doing something different this is the time to do it. It’s how we show up in the world with the work we do. The thing about integrity is it’s not only doing what you should do when no one is looking. It's doing what you said you would. By the time this blog is posted, you'll have a little over two weeks until it’s direct. Still, there's time to put in some great work and make adjustments. Make a new plan with that wonderful Saturn trine to the New Moon.

When Saturn starts to go direct we start to get rewarded from what we adjusted during retrograde. Saturn is karma. Bad karma and good karma… but focus on what needs to be done and you will start to see some movement forward. 

Full Moon in Pisces September 13th @ 9: 34 PM PDT

Full moons are a culmination of what's been developed over the last 6-month cycle. This one in Pisces comes with a load of spiritual and intuitive energy. A full moon illuminates and shows us the shadow side of things that we haven't been noticing. It points out something that needs to be released.

This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, Pisces ruling planet. It is opposite the Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars and sextile Pluto. The moon and the Sun are in a T-square with the focal point being Jupiter.  We need to be careful to not let the overwhelming feelings get to us when we look at where we are in life vs. where we want to be. 

Moon opposite Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars: This is where we can be hard on ourselves. Virgo craves perfection and sees every detail.  This can lean towards being overly critical and we need to think before we react. This is where we need to heal. It's time to forgive. Which includes yourself. Be aware irritation may occur. Try to tap into the spirituality of the Pisces moon side, the most beneficial thing is to go within. Take a meditation class or workshop and put yourself into creative healing situations. 

Moon conjunct Neptune:  Neptune the ruling planet of Pisces is right at home there. It is also retrograde right now which lifts a veil and is showing us where the BS in our lives is. Where have we been fooling ourselves? Pisces is about oneness, intuitiveness, and spirituality, but also a sign that feels so much it can tend towards escapism, substance abuse for soothing when things get too much. If things become confusing or irritating take this as a sign that you tap into the etheric side of this Full Moon. Call on your Angel's. Connect to Source, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self to come into alignment. Listen for encouraging messages of how life can be and how to stay on track with your new goals and routines.

Sextile Pluto:   This is harmonious energy and a sextile is an opportunity you have to activate. Pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes and Pluto is retrograde which is giving you the opportunity to transform yourself. This event is trying to help you turn that corner. If you see that you need to rise, now is the moment to take that initiative into a deep dive and emerge that phoenix.

T-square from the moon and sun to Jupiter: A square is a conversation between two planets, It is a motivation. The focal point is Jupiter which is all about expansiveness. If the irritation has set in and you've been a little too hard on yourself- what is holding you back from what you need to grow and learn? Now, this isn't a time to go overboard with things. Jupiter in itself is expansiveness- it makes things bigger. This is a need to find balance between spiritual and practical.  So in consideration of where this falling in your chart; Where can you also pull back a bit to keep the balance in your life between your emotions and your ego?

In Conclusion

Virgo season is all about getting ready for the upcoming seasons. Whether you want to grow in your life in your health, academics, work, a relationship a project or anything you want to improve on, now is the time to do it. By looking at the energies of the New and Full moon and Saturn retrograde we can see opportunities where we can start implementing actions in our lives that match what we want to see. The most important thing is the doing- you have to align how you maneuver through the world with what you envision. No matter what the situation it always starts with you. Now is the time to create lists, organize, and take care of you and your environments then you can naturally be of service to others. 

There's a collective energy we all experience with astrological transits, but as always it's important to look at your astrological birth chart to see where the events are happening for you in your life. It can really give a great deal of clarity to see where it's happening for you.

This month in honor of Virgo and “getting it all together” for ourselves I’ll be offering a $22 discount for a birth chart reading for the month of September. You will need you to know the exact date, time and place of birth for a reading. So, here's to a happy healthy productive month!



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