Raising Conscious Kids

Guest Author: Jenn Rose,  @floraofthewilde

Guest Author: Jenn Rose, @floraofthewilde

Conscious Kids was created as a way to offer space for children to simply be. As adults, we often feel and hold onto the weight of our inner and physical worlds. Much of what we carry is from the past. As a mother, I knew that my children were having similar experiences. I wanted to help them process, but I wasn’t sure how.  

Both of my children are empaths. They often pick up energy of those near to them, including heavy, “weight of the world” feelings and emotions from adults. They carry this emotional weight as theirs and hold onto it. Along my healing journey, I have learned how to let go of what does not serve me or belong to me, and I want my children to acquire the tools to do the same.

I began searching for a space where my children could learn in a community setting with others like them, but was not having success. I sat down with Whitney, founder of Sojourn Healing Collective, and we both discussed and agreed that children deserve a safe space. A space where they can breathe, let go, and learn tools for their own healing and wellness journeys. 

As a society, we often tell children how they should feel or how to get over painful or stressful experiences. Aa a result, they tend to bury their feelings inside instead of moving through them in the moment. When they become adults, a need arises to unpack all that has been buried and stored within. When we let go, we free ourselves. We make space for love and compassion for ourselves and others. 

This is our hope for Conscious Kids: to foster love for self and connect back to each other, as well as our Mother Earth. 

Conscious Kids is a series of classes that offers children the opportunity to learn about kid-friendly herbs, healthy lifestyle and eating choices, reiki and energy healing, sound healing, and emotional well-being. We will highlight a healer from the community each workshop to share their talents with the class. We are excited to introduce this series to the community and extend this offering to children specifically from ages four to nine.

We hope you and your little ones can join us for the first Conscious Kids group on Sunday, October 7, 2018, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM.

Jenn Rose is a conscious mama of two, wife, plant medicine maker, and certified Usui Reiki Master. Jenn’s own self-healing journey led her to embark on a path of working with Mother Nature as a source of awakening the Divine within her. She is passionate about accompanying women and children on their healing journeys, so they may access their own divine light. Her belief is that each individual has the ability to heal themselves.

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