Why the Chakras are Important and How Crystals Can Help?

Written by: Jessica Kay Roth

Written by: Jessica Kay Roth

So, what exactly are Chakras and why are they important?

 Chakras are part of your energy system, and most of them reside within your physical body. In a broader sense, you have an energy aura that encompasses both your body and your chakras. And your energy system governs how you feel – expanded or constricted, light or heavy, etc. – as well as how everything is connected and functioning within the body, mind and spirit. Since the chakras are part of your energy system, and each one connects to different parts of your body, emotions/feelings and thoughts, this means that the health of your chakras is extremely important to your overall health!

 For example, if you are feeling worried and it then turns into an upset stomach, most likely your Solar Plexus is blocked or unbalanced. This is because the Solar Plexus connects to the stomach, as well as emotions like worry. Over time, a blocked Solar Plexus can lead to ongoing or excessive worry, which can then manifest into a more serious health condition.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what crystals have to do with all this? Well, crystals also have an energetic vibration and therefore crystals can be used to help improve the function of your chakras and overall health. Certain crystals can be paired up with specific chakras based on energetic vibration, to help clear and balance the energy of the chakras.

Interest piqued? Want to learn more? If you are ready to go in-depth about the Chakras and learn how to utilize Crystal energy for healing your Chakra system, please join me for the Intro to Crystal Healing workshop at Sojourn on Thurday, May 16, 2019 from 7PM-9PM. In this fun and informative workshop, I will share my knowledge of Crystals and the Chakra System, along with suggested crystals for each chakra. You will leave the class excited about all the ways you can incorporate those pretty & sparkly crystals into your life!

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