Empowered by Magick: An interview with Karla Clark

Karla Clark, founder of Urban Magick, brings her healing practice to Sojourn starting this month! Since 2007 she has used ancient techniques, practices and healing modalities to help people in their modern lives. Please give Karla a warm welcome as she settles into her new space and shares her healing energy with our community. Check out our recent interview with Karla about her background and work!  

What is Urban Magick?

Karla Clark, Founder of Urban Magick

Karla Clark, Founder of Urban Magick

The name Urban Magick reflects that around 80% of humans now live in urban environments and are detached from nature and the elements. This causes imbalance and the feelings that many people have, including loneliness, detachment and apathy, often stem from this lack of connection. By utilizing the ancient ways, we can come back to a sense of connection with ourselves, the environment and the divine. This helps solve many modern issues!

You started out with a career in research science and anthropology... what led you to becoming a metaphysical healer? 

I was born curious, wanting to know the nature of everything. At four years of age, I declared to my (very evangelical and Catholic) family that I was a witch. I was also a scientific prodigy. I was tinkering in a polymer lab when I was 9 years old. I knew at 11 that I wanted to go to school and learn genetic engineering - which I did. I was a published first author at 19. I loved (and still love) science - I like to know what the best minds think and what has been discovered. I love helpful, practical applications of science. I also love that science describes nature in many ways—however, science only uncovers the observable, mental aspects. It does not address the totality of reality.

At 12 years of age, I was in 9th grade in an accelerated high school program (the IB). I was sneaking out at night to learn magick. I found a Wiccan group and learned as much as I could. I was very curious and researched Buddhism, mysticism, astral travel, herbalism, psychic phenomena, shamanism and more. My psychic senses were very open so I used them to bring through ideas that I used in science. My research leaders would never have understood or believed it, so I did not tell them how I was arriving at certain ideas. I have combined science and magick through my life and only in 2007 did I feel comfortable "coming out" in public with my magick. There is a long history of persecuting female magickians, and I still felt that risk.

I was born with a number of physical and genetic defects and anomalies...so I have had different kinds of serious illness throughout my life. Western medicine had shoddy band-aids for me (helping me limp along with steroids for inflammation, etc.). I found true healing when I was working with the lineage healings and taking care of all layers of my being. The Salomonic work saved my eyesight and kidneys. This is why I provide these healings.

What is Kabbalistic teaching and what does it mean to be in the line of King Solomon?

Great questions!

Kabbalah is the yoga of the west— a different path to unity than the Ayurvedic path, yet complimentary. I started working with Kundalini yoga when I was 12 years old and Wiccan magick shortly thereafter. Yoga of the east brings energies through in a certain way and yoga of the west does in a different way. I experience them together as creating a complete infinity loop of power!

Kabbalah means "to receive" and works by asking questions needed to arrive at important answers: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? And, more. It is the study of everything— from atoms and molecules to the entire universe.

Original, undiluted Kabbalah is the original manifestation magick. It is powerful and amazing and I wish that everyone in the world would commit to a year of Kabbalisitic study. We would have world peace. I offer the open door to Kabbalistic study in this lineage: Life Activation and Initiation. This work is not merely intellectual, it is energetic and alchemical. It transforms lives.

Being in the lineage of King Salomon means that when I initiate a person into the tradition, the initiatory lineage is unbroken person to person back to Salomon and there is a direct transfer of power. This is a path of energy stretching back, unbroken, thousands of years. So, when I initiate, the energy connects us all the way back. There is not this transfer of energy or power for a person who is only learning from books. The unbroken lineage is a big part of why the magick is strong and pure! I will hold initiations in Sojourn every 6-8 weeks or so.

Crystal energy and healing have a big presence at Sojourn. What are some of your favorite gemstone crystals and their uses?

I provide crystal healings and the deep and effective King Salomon Healing Modality (which uses crystal and gemstones). I also teach others how to provide crystal healings and grid their homes and offices with crystals in a specific way that goes back at least 8,000 years. You will see the crystal grid hanging from my ceiling when you visit my office. J

It is so hard to pick favorites! The great thing is that we have so many stones and crystals available to use as healing allies. I use clear crystals every day - in crystal grids for homes, in crystal healings, and to do readings. In the King Salomon Healing Series, there is a healing where I use 12 different stones, including amethyst and lapis. I feel like all of the stones are friends and that they like to get to work helping people.

Rose quartz is a really relevant stone today. Lots of people struggle with self-love and rose quartz is very soothing. It is great to wear, carry with you and have in your sleeping area near your bed.

I work with smoky quartz every day as well - it is a very grounding stone. If you are a person who works with high energies regularly, it is a great one to have!

Your practice includes healing on so many levels, where does one start if they want to work with you on their healing journey?

Aura Clearing, Life Activation, Isis Healing or Soul Retrieval are usually the first sessions I recommend. I like to have a discovery call with new clients so we can find out the best way to support their growth and healing. Some folks need a lil boost or "dust off," some need deeper healing. I will be offering a healing special to Sojourn members each month! If you are curious, reach out with an email, a text, a Facebook message and let's set up time to talk!

If I only had one hour with every person on earth, I would do Life Activation for them. It lasts your whole life and activates the energies to support you in achieving your life's purpose. It is a very nourishing and balancing session and safe for everyone. I have seen miraculous shifts for people just from the life activation including accelerated physical healing and spiritual attainment.

What will your practice look like at SHC?

I will have a combination of healing sessions and events. I intend to provide healings mostly from 11 am to 6 pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then have events and ceremonies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings as well as weekends.

What are the events (you may ask)??!!! I plan to hold a Wiccan or moon ceremony every month, meditation will be in our space Monday or Thursday evenings, one Celtic Magick study group 1x month, and then teaching on weekends with classes such as: Empower Thyself Class and Initiation, Sacred Geometry I and II, Astral Travel, 12 Races of Earth, Journeys of the Spirit... and more!


Karla Clark founded Urban Magick 2007 and is a certified Healer, Teacher, Guide and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School – a school of life that offers deep Kabbalistic teachings in the direct initiatory lineage of King Salomon. Kabbalah is known as the yoga of the west. Karla is also an initiated Celtic Shaman and Kabbalist. She is also trained as a research scientist and anthropologist; she bridges the fields of science and metaphysics.

Karla’s focus in working with people is to help empower them have more of the experience of life that they seek – more joy, more freedom, more abundance, more health, and more love. She uses a combination of metaphysical instruction as well as the ancient, time-tested healing and empowerment techniques in the lineage of King Salomon. The work helps each person to deeply know their true self and live from a place of power and choice. The tradition of King Salomon helps individuals to correct any distortions in their own blueprint in order to truly express and flow all of their divine energy and power. When we are each living our true purpose and holding the energy of peace, we can create a world of peace and balance.

Signature healings from the tradition include: Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Isis Healing, Hermetic Soul Retrieval, The King Salomon Healing Modality, Etheric Reconstruction, Egyptian Aura Balancing, Full Aura Clearing, and Ensofic Ray Healing. Each of these offers a deep and complete way to shift towards more wholeness and health with each session. Karla will offer a healing special each month to Sojourn community members.

Interview by Taina Berardi