Finding Balance: An Interview with Kristi Kuttner of Sittin Pretty Still

Kristi Kuttner is a Yin yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master and energy healer. She is an entrepreneur, a self-care activist, a caring daughter, a cat lover, and a most importantly, a very kind human being. While Kristi practices at Sojourn and will be lending her healing hands during Reiki Hour this month, we took this interview opportunity as a chance to get to know her a little bit better and most importantly, introduce her and her gifts to our community.

Kristi Kuttner

Q: You are a woman of many talents, please enlighten us on your journey into the realm of health, wellness and spirituality.

First off, thank you for your kind words!  I have always been an empath.  This was very difficult for me for many years because I didn’t understand why I always felt so drained by energy. I have worked in healthcare for almost 20 years as a dental hygienist. This job is essential my first job as a “healer”.  Over the years the comment I hear most is “I feel so calm when you do my teeth cleaning”. I can actually feel people’s pain in my hands when performing teeth cleanings. Honestly, this scared me for years because I didn’t understand what it was. I tried to talk to my coworkers or friends about it and they looked at me like I had a WEIRDO tattoo on my forehead!  So, I shut down and didn’t talk about it anymore… until I found Reiki and energy work and it all made sense! Reiki has changed my life!!! I now understand energy and most importantly how to protect my own precious energy. I am now a Reiki Master teacher and lead Reiki trainings with my partner Kelli Martin. This works honestly lights up my soul!!!

Q: You recognize yourself as a self-care activist? What is self-care activism? How can we join that movement? ;)  

I was never taught how to really practice self-love and self-care. In fact, most of the women I was around always put everyone else first. As women, it’s imperative to make space in our day (EVERYDAY) to show ourselves love. Of course, I love bubble baths and candles but for me self-care is much deeper now. Some of my daily self-care rituals include self-reiki, positive affirmations and learning something new that inspires me.

Q: Yin yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master and energy healer. How did you get into this kind of work?

If I could get on a rooftop right now and scream “I LOVE YIN YOGA” I would!!!  I was practicing vinyasa yoga for a few years before I went to my first yin class. I felt relaxed in Vinyasa, but it still didn’t calm my monkey mind. After my first yin class I felt this incredible feeling of inner peace. I felt lighter and released so much tension. I knew after that first class that this was an important practice for me and I knew I wanted to teach it to others. I now co-lead Yin yoga teacher trainings with Kelli Martin. We take pride in creating teachers that are incredibly knowledgeable and confident when teaching Yin.

Q: What are the benefits of practicing any or all of the above?  

Our world is always in the go-go-go mindset. I see more and more clients and students in my reiki sessions, yin classes and trainings that are just completely exhausted. It’s important to remember is that STRESS is good. It creates change in our lives and our bodies. But, most people don’t balance it out with slowing down and resting and then BAM burnout and exhaustion kick in.  Yin yoga focuses on releasing deep tension in the body and keeping our tissues hydrated as we age.  Reiki can create inner balance by reducing stress and releasing blockages.

Q: How did the idea for Sittin Pretty Still meditation candles and cushions come about?

My mom was having terrible allergic reactions to candles. I thought that was very strange so I started researching it. I was horrified when I found out what was in the candles that we frequently burned. I started making clean burning candles and before I knew it I was selling them online and at local markets and events. I was also in the market for a new meditation cushion and I couldn’t find anything that I really loved. So, like most entrepreneurs I figured out how to make my own. I went online found a pattern and picked fabrics that I loved and created my dream meditation cushion. People loved them!!!

Q: So, What's next?!?  

My partner Kelli and I are starting a podcast called Spirit Made Us Do It.   I’m so excited about this!!! It will be discussions all about healing and wellness in the modern world. Our first episode will launch in November. I also teach weekly Yinki yoga classes (yin yoga, reiki, sound healing) at Trilogy Sanctuary Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm.

Interview by Taina Berardi

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