Ritual Release: Manifest Fire Ceremony

Written by Melissa Meade

Written by Melissa Meade

What’s the first thing we do when we are in the process of moving into a new home? Purge. We purge old clothing, books, memorabilia. Items that lived a full life with us, but no longer hold a place in our future. The process of "purging" is one that allows us to free up space externally. Well, how about internally? For the same reasons we declutter our external spaces, it's important to take the time to free up space of mind, body and soul. When manifesting the things we are ready to call forth into our lives, we must first take stock of the habits, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions we are ready to release.  In doing so, we allow ourselves to honor where we've been, where we are in the present moment, and what trajectory we will move forward on. This is where fire ceremony comes in. This ritual of fire ceremony provides us a safe, effective, and powerful ascension into our next phase, chapter and place of growth. In fire ceremony we utilize our elemental partners (fire, earth, air, water) to aid us through the transition to our next phase forward. In The Art of Manifesting workshop we will discuss the ancient history behind fire ceremony from a Shamanic perspective, how to go about this practice safely and when. 

There are many ways to practice fire ceremony. You can use a fire pit outdoors, a fire safe container, a candle, or the handy mobile fire kit I will use and offer after the workshop. During the workshop we will discuss how to conduct fire ceremony safely, why it is important to open and close sacred space and call in your guides for protection during this vulnerable time. 

Full and new moon cycles are pivotal periods for conducting fire ceremony, as it employs the energetic forces of the moon. However, you do not need to wait for these moon cycles to engage in this practice. With the proper tools and instruction, you can take part in this practice as a monthly, weekly or even daily ritual. Point being, it can be as accessible as you need it to be! Perhaps you find yourself transitioning into a new phase of life, or maybe you are just feeling a bit off emotionally, or unstable in your personal interactions— these are perfect times to engage in fire ceremony. Afterward you will feel a tangible shift in your energy field and may find that circumstances, people, places and things will begin to shift for the highest and best good of all concerned! 

As referenced from the Four Winds Society, "There is a two-week period following a fire ceremony in which instances of opportunity appear. These instances provide the opportunity to translate your intent for healing into reality. You are advised to think of the fire ceremony not as an instantaneous magical change, but rather an opening for healing distinctive habits and patterns. Recognize this opening and see the opportunity to change your behavior in the real world. Then let the universe take care of the details.”

With gratitude and light, I look forward to experiencing fire ceremony with you during our workshop, shedding old habits and limiting beliefs in order to create new rituals and harness the true power of manifesting.


Melissa began her journey as a student of Complementary and Alternative modalities exploring herbal remedies, apothecary, crystal healing and more along the way. She became a certified Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, a Shamanic practitioner and recipient of the Rites of the Munay-Ki. Melissa seeks to share her knowledge of fire ceremony with all those who are open to learn and harness its healing magic.

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