Healing Head-On: An Interview with Nathan Ziccarelli

How has your energetic vibration shifted along your healing journey?

For many years, I dealt with the repercussions of surviving severe childhood trauma. Throughout this time, I was periodically homeless, I battled with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bouts of suicidal ideation and was seeing numerous psychiatrists having spent years on mood stabilizers, antidepressants and ADHD medications. All those doctors, they meant well, I know that at my core and I understand medication may be necessary for some but for me, through connecting deeper with my spiritual self, I came to realize that it wasn’t my truth. I’m grateful I had the experience of using pharmaceuticals as long as I did, as it has allowed me to be a voice of hope for those who feel stuck or confused; those who are trying traditional Western approaches and feel like something is missing.

After this realization, the first step was to address my substance abuse head on and get treatment. It was through this experience, at the beginning of 2013, that I was guided to explore and incorporate spirituality into my life. I tried many things. A lot of process work around trauma, different types of therapy, meditation, yoga, bodywork, healers, acupuncture, diet regulation, involvement with various spiritual organizations and forming an understanding of, and relationship with, the highest realms of the spirit world to guide and assist me in this human incarnation. That spiritual relationship has allowed me the power and direction to become consistent in all the above practices which have brought healing to both my mind and body.

My body has been free from all pharmaceutical meds for almost three years. The work it has taken to get here hasn’t been easy, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I now own my own successful practice and offer my clients an array of healing modalities to help them along their own healing journey. I also feel incredibly lucky to work with an amazing group of healers at Sojourn that are all on a mission to spread the powerful message and awareness that the true medicine is right here, right now, within.

You have a BA in Psychology and are a Reiki Master, Intuitive Mentor, and Thai Massage Therapist. How do you incorporate these healing modalities in your practice? What can clients expect from a session with you?

In a session with me, one should expect a non-traditional approach to healing. I use oracle cards readings to help gain intuitive insights from the spirit realm, breathe work, Thai bodywork, Reiki energy healing, sound healing, crystals, aroma therapy, and talk therapy to address the psycho-somatic circumstances that may be manifesting as pain physically. Some clients receive hands on bodywork whereas some choose to only receive Reiki energy healing to address their emotional blocks and physical pains. Some come only for intuitive counsel through oracle card readings. For those looking for a well-balanced experience including multiple modalities, I offer longer sessions tailored specifically to their immediate needs.

What inspires you to heal others?

This really is the million dollar question and the answer, for me, is multifaceted. I often find a lack of spiritual awareness in many traditional Western approaches to healing. Sadly, I see many forms of ancient, non-Western approaches to healing becoming Westernized and that usually means a phasing out of spirituality. Engaging this missing link has been the solution to finding freedom from my insecurities, resentments, deep rooted fear, physical pain, and has forced me to come into alignment with a life I truly lovie living! From my career path, to the communities and tribe I surround myself with; my inspiration is to help others experience this same freedom. I know for certain that I’ve been able to overcome years of the pain and therefore feel that the same opportunity is available for everyone.

You are also a uniquely crafty person, tell us about your artistic endeavors and creations.

I’ve been creating unique driftwood pieces I’ve collected up and down my travels along the West Coast. I love using what Mother Nature provides to make authentic gifts of expression. I incorporate crystals and healing stones and turn the pieces into landscapes, incense burners, candle holders, and who knows what else it will evolve into! It’s a lot of fun and a great creative outlet for me. When the pieces are finished I name them by what inspired me to create the theme of the piece and then infuse them with Reiki Energy Blessings! They make great wedding, anniversary, birthday, and unique, crafty gifts!

Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive Mentor, Bodywork Specialist, Founder of HEAL by Nathan

A survivor of chronic childhood trauma and recovered substance abuser, Nathan, identifies deeply with those struggling to get past circumstances blocking forward movement and desperate to make sense of their life’s true purpose. Nathan greatly understands the effects stored stress, depression, anxiety, unrealized goals, and unresolved circumstances from the past have on the mind and body. Nathan has built his intuitive healing practice from the platform of his own personal healing journey bringing his clients a treasure chest of the same proven healing modalities that have allowed him to gain clarity, ongoing peace, and freedom from the emotional and physical pain he carried with him for years before he began his path to healing.

His post-secondary education in Psychology, Asian Medical Massage Therapy, Reiki Training and Spiritual Practices have all shaped the way he guides and treats his clients to experience the freedom they seek to live their most authentic, prosperous, joy filled lives. Reiki, Intuitive Mentorship, Oracle Card readings, Crystals, Sound Healing, and Massage are all key elements offered by Nathan to help you realign mind, body and spirit to awaken the healer within. Nathan is here to remind you of these truths; you can be free!

Nathan practices out of the Sojourn Healing Collective and offers free consultations in person or via phone. Schedule your next session online: healbynathan.com or 619-571-1038.

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Interview By: Taina Berardi

Heal by Nathan

Heal by Nathan