How to Start Writing Your Story

By Tia Meredith, @tiameredith333

Everyone is a writer who has a story to tell; but, it can’t begin until you write it down. As our ancestors sat around the sacred fire, they told stories. Which meant, someone had to be brave enough to take a series of events and create a beginning, middle and end to share with their tribe. When I think about this, I always imagine those first verbal drafts being rough. Maybe they told the punchline before they properly set up the joke and instead of belly laughs got blank faces staring back in ceremonial light; but, they tried. They claimed their story.

Storytelling is a primal part of who we are as human beings. Our sacred fire is now the brunch table where someone says, “wait until you hear this,” and all eyes lock onto the adventurer. Everyone knows by instinct a journey of words is about to begin as they sip their mimosas, laugh, cry, or outrage as it all unfolds; but, someone had to be brave enough to tell their story in the first place.

It took a long time to claim the word writer for me, but I was always one. It doesn’t, by any means, suggest I’ve always been a good one. That comes with practice and finding your voice. However, that’s also never been the point of writing for me. I tell stories because I have them inside me asking to be shared. Some of them are channeled, like my published children’s book Leonidas and the Dolphin. Others require claiming my title as writer over and over through the daily practice of hand writing three pages in my journal or staring at a blank screen typing the nonsensical until it makes sense; and most importantly, sitting down to write regardless of whether it’s good or not.

I love stories. I love them so much, I just write them. I’ve self-published some through Medium. I get up on the 2nd Friday of every month and read my three-minute prose aloud at a local event called Dime Stories. I run a women’s online writing group and I go to an independent writing circle every week. I even sit on the Board of Directors of San Diego Writer’s Ink. I work as a ghost writer and have written so many pieces of story-driven marketing copy for companies like Hay House Publishing, when I look back it can make my head spin. But it’s always worth it, because each new blank page allows me to start again. I get to claim: I am a writer and I have a story to tell.

Stories seduce me because they make me feel. They remind me of who I came to be even if no one else may be looking. When honored, writing a story is a journey of revealing which can be claimed by any one, at any time. One that can take you to foreign lands to rest by your favorite willow tree. Journeys non-earthly that are more vibrant and magical than anyone could ever dream. And, yet, others can be the toughest - those echoes of your past calling ahead and asking to be set free. However, to access any of these it requires something of you: to take an action and begin. You must claim the title of writer through the brave act of starting - creating your own sacred fire of words – so you can write your beginning, middle and end, just like me.

If you are interested in putting pen to paper, join Tia for an empowering workshop Write Your Life Story: A Beginner's Guide to Sharing Your Journey Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at Sojourn Healing Collective.

 Tia Meredith is a story teller, creative strategist, empowerment marketer and rebel rouser who helps spiritual and heart-centered businesses break past the noise of the (nearly) century long inadequacy-driven marketing approach. She can often be seen giving the middle finger to conventional marketing methods by helping her clients first excavate their unique story and then teach them to use it as the foundation for their marketing and branding messages in the digital era. Feel free to cyber stalk her at and if you really want to get nosey about her fictional writing work, check out

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