How’s Your Soul: An Interview with Kelly Dalrymple

Kelly Dalrymple

Kelly Dalrymple

Give us a little about your background: Where did your yoga journey begin? How did you become a teacher?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had kind of a twisted love affair with health and fitness, partially driven by my deep reverence for the human body and partially by my deeply wounded self-image. As an athlete, I spent a lot of years focusing on optimizing my physical body and mind for performance. After college, I shed my identity as an athlete and went on to work as a personal trainer and continue my education at Equinox Fitness Academy. It was during that time, beyond the context of being an athlete, that I really began to understand that true wellness was much more integrated and holistic than I thought. So, I dove deep into a journey of yoga because I found it to be the most healing and holistic practice that integrated the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of the self. As I felt myself evolving, I fell in love with the practice and tumbled deep down the rabbit hole of healing and self-development. After just one year of establishing my personal practice, I quit my job and flew to Bali to do my yoga intensive teacher training with Zuna Yoga, which will definitely go down in my personal history as one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. The practice of yoga has turned my world inside out and upside down in the best way possible. After teaching in studios for a while, I knew I wanted to work one on one with people in order to dive deeper into healing and exploring the principles of yoga, so I’ve spent the past year studying under Oprah’s very own life coach, Martha Beck, to become an intuitive life + wellness coach. And, as the end of my coaching program nears, I have never felt more aligned and ready to share this healing work with the world. My love affair with wellness is more pure and passionate than ever before.

What is your philosophy of teaching? Do you have a particular lineage or style of teaching that you ascribe to?

My teaching is really rooted in reconnecting people with their intuition, their inner compass. So many people are trying to navigate this life disconnected from their intuition, relying solely on the rational mind, and I believe the sacred intuition is what steers us in the direction of our true Dharma. Once we are in tune with this aspect of ourselves, and we trust this inner guru, we are able to move through this world empowered and aligned with our purpose. All of my teaching and coaching ultimately is focused on reconnecting people to this inner knowing.  

At Zuna Yoga I was trained in the Tantric tradition of Sri Vidya, which is a science of being that cultivates a level of self-mastery and empowered living.

Tell us about your podcast! What is the focus or theme of your podcast and what is it all about?

My podcast is called “How’s Your Soul” and it’s a wellness and self-development podcast that I designed to guide people live their most free, peaceful and creative lives. With informative monologues and inspiring interviews, my goal with this podcast is to empower people to step into the highest expression of themselves. If you haven’t tuned in yet I definitely recommend listening to my personal favorite episode, #13, an interview with Sojourn founder, Whitney Yarnall, where we talk all about choosing creativity over fear.

You are teaching Yoga Foundations and Yoga Inversions workshops in February and March. What can students expect from those experiences? Who would you recommend attend?

Yes! The Yoga Foundations workshop is excellent for any yogi, beginner or intermediate, that wants to make sure they have a strong foundation to build their practice upon or anyone who wants to add layers of depth to their practice. Yoga is so much more than a workout and the practice extends far beyond the physical body, so this workshop will dive into breath work, energetics, bandhas and body awareness tools.

The Yoga Inversions workshop is of course a little more physical and there’s definitely some contraindications to going upside down such as: neck injury, back injury, wrist injury, high blood pressure and pregnancy. Inversions should be avoided if you are experiencing any of these conditions especially if you are learning inversions for the first time. That being said, this workshop is for anyone that wants to build body awareness and core strength needed to flip your practice upside down. We will be breaking down headstand, forearm stand, and handstand. And, don’t let these shapes intimidate you, my goal for this workshop is to make each pose accessible to everyone by building up to each shape layer by layer. We will have spotters available, a super supportive group and a playful environment.

What are your hobbies, pastimes, favorite things to do?

I’m a bookworm and a podcast junkie. I love to write, longgg walks outside, road tripping, camping (or anything that involved hammocks), cooking and/or devouring delicious plant-based food. On any given day of the week you can catch me taking yoga classes at different yoga studios around town, working as a barista at Better Buzz, or at a local coffee shop sippin’ java with friends.

What's in store for the future?

March is a pretty exciting month for me! I’m officially launching my mind coaching and life design business which has been in the works for a while now. I have to get a certain number of paid credentialing hours in order to complete my certification process, so I’ll be taking on clients at a majorly discounted price for the time it takes me to complete those hours. I’ll be working mostly out of an office at Sojourn and also via zoom chat for remote clients. So, if healing and expansion work excites you and you think you would benefit from working with a coach, definitely keep an eye out on my social media over the next few weeks as I’ll be linking my website where you can go and book a free discovery session with me.

Kelly teaches weekly restorative Yin + Reiki and Vinyasa flow yoga classes at Sojourn. She is also hosting two upcoming workshops:

About Kelly Dalrymple

Kelly is a yoga instructor, life + wellness coach, and host of the self-development podcast called How’s Your Soul. Kelly studied Kinesiology in college, worked as a personal trainer specializing in progressive bodyweight training, and continued her education of the body at Equinox Fitness Academy. A fascination with and deeper understanding of the physical body led her to grow more curious about the mind and the spirit, inspiring her to travel to Bali to complete her Yoga Teacher Training with Zuna Yoga. Kelly is currently studying under Oprah’s very own life coach, Martha Beck, to become an intuitive life + wellness coach. The motivation woven throughout everything Kelly does comes from a deeply rooted desire to live her most free, peaceful, healthy, and creative life and guide others to do the same.

Interview by Taina Berardi