How Mindfulness Helped Me Lose 85 Pounds for Good

Written By Nia Carrillo, MS, Holistic Nutritionist, RMT, RYT  @eclectic.wellness

Written By Nia Carrillo, MS, Holistic Nutritionist, RMT, RYT @eclectic.wellness

At only 13 years old, I tipped the scales at 225 pounds. Coupled with the already awkwardness of being a teenager, I was overwhelmed with shame and feeling trapped in my own body. Reflecting back upon that time almost feels like witnessing another lifetime. Because if you fast forward to today, at 27 years old, I have lost a total of 85 pounds. I also now run my own women’s nutrition coaching business, essentially becoming the guide I wished I had as a young woman. I always get asked the question, “How did you do it?!” and disregarding the obvious answer of eating well and working out, I credit a bulk of my transformation to discovering mindfulness.

You see, this journey of losing nearly 100 pounds as an adolescent was not an overnight one. No surgery, pill, or special “skinny tea” can be recognized as the token to my success. My then naivety and lack of education had me spinning my wheels on how I could make a sustainable lifestyle change. However, for many years I became victim to the vicious never ending cycle of dieting aka “yo-yo dieting.” I experimented with diets low in calories, carbs and fat. But besides experiencing deprivation, this dieting mentality always left me feeling fearful and disconnected from my body. Until one day, I stumbled upon a book that changed my life... Intuitive Eating.

The idea of listening to my body and not living off of a rigid food and exercise plan was a foreign, yet intriguing concept to me. The practice of Intuitive Eating brought me closer to my soul and intuition, an internal intelligent guidance system we all possess. It is from our flawed societal view of food and body that we stray from this knowingness. As I began to trust my body, the anxiety and fear I once attached to eating turned into that of joy and nourishment. No longer did social situations stress me out from my fears of fun foods like pizza and dessert. I learned to become so in tune with the intricacies of my body’s messages and signals that when I respond to them, I shift my mindset of how I can honor my body AND mind, not from the space of deprivation and rules.

I’ve dedicated the last six years into rewriting the story I’ve created around food and my body through studying mindfulness, spirituality, and nutrition. I’ve obtained my certifications as a yoga teacher and Reiki Master, but also achieved my Master’s in Nutritional Wellness. From the many lenses I’ve viewed the body, I am certain of one thing: our bodies are capable of healing themselves, it’s a matter of how well we listen, but most importantly how well we respond to them.

My initial steps on my health journey may have been ones taken in vain, but somehow this urgency to lose weight at a young age allowed me lift the veil to the flawed “health” system we are enveloped in. Beyond that, I lived the first half of my life just as 60% of the population lives in today’s world- obese, disconnected from my body, and deeply confused as to what healthy really meant. I’ll let you in on a secret...there is no one prescription, formula or method to what constitutes health. It’s a matter of discovering awareness and consciousness to figure out what that means for you. The practice of mindfulness really does save lives.

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Nia has over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. As a teenager, she took part in her own wellness journey, losing over 85 pounds. Along this journey, she began to discover society’s flawed view on “health,” from the pressure of dieting to its obsession in being “thin.” After years of self-study, Nia obtained her Master’s in Nutritional Wellness, along with her certifications in Yoga and Reiki. She has since founded Eclectic Wellness and created a holistic weight-loss program, Holy Shift!, focused on the concepts of mindful (or Intuitive) eating and helping women claim their confidence and power back through their wellness choices. Nia’s current offerings include one-on-one nutrition coaching and meal prep guidance. To learn more about Nia’s services and/or work with her, click below to schedule a complimentary consultation or head to her website: