Manifesting 101: The Art of Getting What You Want!

When I first heard of ‘Manifesting’ years ago, I recall understanding what it was, but not at all how it worked. It seemed like such a woo woo concept. Like, you just think of things and you get them? Yeah right! Back then I believed that MAYBE it worked for those select few people… you know, the ones who wrote books about it and told us of their manifested miracles.

The truth is that at that time, I was operating from a lower level of conscious awareness. I wanted to see things happen before I entirely believed them, but with Manifesting, you have to train yourself to believe that your wish is coming before you see it. As Wayne Dyer always said “You’ll see it when you believe it.” Manifesting is a tool that we are all capable of, we just need to understand how it works and be willing to put in some work on ourselves before we can experience its power!

Over the past eight years, I became fascinated with the concept of manifesting; the idea that we can magnetize anything that we want directly to us. I began reading books on it, attending workshops, seminars and trying out tips from others who had this concept all figured out. I slowly introduced manifesting into my daily lifestyle. I started with small things, like asking for parking spots, or making all of the green lights in the intersections when I’m running late. Then, I began testing bigger things like manifesting my ideal apartment, a job opportunity, money for a vacation, and so on. And then, my biggest experiment so far started two years ago when I decided  to manifest my very own Holistic Healing Center; offering Yoga & Meditation classes, all kinds of Healing Services, Retail, Retreats etc. I asked the universe for many miracles simultaneously. For one, the means to support myself financially as I transitioned out of my corporate career. I needed a lot of start-up capital, a perfect space, healers, my ideal yoga and meditation teachers and a whole lot of support from friends and family. I am grateful to report that it has come to be at Sojourn Healing Collective; a thriving, beautiful business and community.

In all of my research, practice and experimentation, I have learned that there is no one-size-fits-all manual for manifesting. Every person will have a unique formula that works for them. Some of it has to do with how one’s logical mind works or how strong their ego is. It is also dependant on just how effective one’s spiritual or self-care practices are. Many of us may need to first spend months breaking down limiting beliefs that we have been holding since childhood. The good news is that there are a few universal truths to the practice of manifesting that I have outlined below for you to begin your own practice:

1. Let go

Before you bring new things into your life, you will undoubtedly need to make room for them. This might mean letting go of attachments to material things, old thought patterns around why you shouldn’t have this thing you wish for, or even time in your schedule. How will you attract a romantic relationship if you have set up a life that has no time for it? Why would the universe bring you a new job if you are clinging to your old job out of desperation? How could you get a parking spot up front if you are constantly telling yourself and others that there’s NO parking? Let go of the thoughts, the things, the people that take up unnecessary space in your life.

2. Get Clear

Yes, you must get very clear on what you want to attract into your life. I’m talking what does it look like? What does it feel like? Smell like? What does it give you emotionally? Financially? If it’s a new job, where is it located, who do you work with, what are the perks? If it’s a romantic partner, do they have children, do they smoke, are they still married? I’m talking ALL OF THE DETAILS YOU COULD EVER THINK OF. If we are not clear, we could get something just as vague as what we ask for, with lots of things we did not ask for!

3. Be Authentic

I have found this to be one of the keys to the process for me. Authentically express to the universe why you want this new thing in your life. You may find that it’s not always for the greater good of humanity. Often times, we have selfish reasons for it. But even so, we need to be honest about it with ourselves and the universe before it can come to us.

4. Be Grateful

This one has a couple of parts to it. First, be grateful for what you have and the life that you currently lead. If you do not have a current gratitude practice, I (along with every spiritual teacher I can think of) suggest that you begin one immediately. The universe matches your vibration. If you are operating from a place of lack, you will receive more of that. Next, be grateful for the thing you are manifesting, as if you already have it! Visualize and feel that you already have this new thing in your life. Feel and experience the gratitude in your body.

5. Surrender

As one of my mentors always reminds me. “Set it and forget it.” Once you have set your intention, journaled these points extensively and been able to truly visualize yourself having your manifested desire, it’s time to surrender. Detach from the outcome; even how and when you expect to receive this gift. That part is not up to you and you must let go of any control. Set it and forget it!

Voila! Wishes Fulfilled!

I highly recommend starting your manifesting practice with small things like the examples I mentioned above. Just watch what happens!

If you want to learn more practical ways to develop your own practice, on Thursday, May 3rd from 7-9pm I am co-hosting a Manifesting Workshop at Sojourn Healing Collective. Kevin, from Highly Meditated Co. and I will be leading this transformative workshop and offering all of the tips and tools we have acquired along our own journeys. I also offer one-on-one Manifesting Mentorship for those who are serious and committed to their growth. I am available to answer any and all questions at