Letter from Our Founder

Here we are Mid-March Mindfulness! I hope you have found some new, inspiring ways to discover peace; to still your mind and be present with your body and soul. Cultivating a mindfulness practice takes just that - Practice! But through small daily rituals and sacred pauses in your days, you will look back in a couple weeks and wonder why you hadn't started sooner! 

Written by Whitney Yarnall, Founder of Sojourn Healing Collective

Written by Whitney Yarnall, Founder of Sojourn Healing Collective

This past week I spent a lot of time meditating by the ocean. I also incorporated a technology detox into my routine. I'll tell you, it wasn't easy at first... but I cannot think of a better way to honor myself! Now, mind you, I'm on vacation...but I still have a few things to do daily for Sojourn. SO, I limited myself to 10 minutes of responding to emails and texts in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. I deleted Social Media from my phone and did not check my accounts once in 5 days! You guys, this detox changed my life and I cannot wait to incorporate a technology detox into my daily life when I return home.

How are you honoring yourself through Mindfulness? Have you developed or tried some new practices? We would love to hear about your journey! Send us an email community@sojournsd.com or message us on Instagram @sojournsandiego and we'll share your unique practices with our community!

Make sure to pick up and complete your Mindfulness Card throughout the month for a chance to win some amazing prizes. All of the details can be found on out March Mindfulness Blog Post. 

Lastly, I am SO excited to announce that I am leading two events in March to help you embody a Mindful existence through your life's work. Cacao + Connection on March 22, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, is an informal gathering of anyone seeking practical advice related to their life's work. This event is intended to support spiritual entrepreneurs with their business goals and those seeking guidance and support in discovering their soul's purpose. Then, on March 28, 7 pm - 9 pm, I'm offering a special self-mastery workshop called Discover Your Soul's Purpose. This offering is for anyone who is ready to step further into their purpose and shine brighter in this world. Wherever you are on your journey, this workshop will help you to uncover (or rediscover) your natural gifts and the most effective ways for YOU to share them with the world. I would absolutely love to have you join me in this soul work if you feel called to either event! 

Hope to connect with you in the studio soon! Namaste!