Gateway to All: An Interview with Melanie Esperon of Reiki Room San Diego

Melanie Esperon, Reiki Room SD

Melanie Esperon, Reiki Room SD

Melanie Esperon was born a natural clairvoyant and has since immersed herself in the world of true healing. As the founder of Reiki Room San Diego, Melanie is a Reiki Master Teacher who has made it her life’s work to guide Reiki practitioners and clients on a journey to find their most authentic self and help them embrace the inevitable healing along the way. Melanie has been aligned with our collective from the very beginning hosting workshops, healing circles, and holding space for our community. We took this opportunity to ask her about her path and what brought her to embrace her abilities and true calling.

Give us a peek into your journey. How did you first learn about Reiki and what moved you to train as a Reiki Master?

 I heard about Reiki through my Mom. She introduced me to my Reiki Master right after I experienced a very traumatic event and wasn’t able to sleep. Sure enough, Reiki helped to ease my mind and emotions and I started sleeping again. It took about 3 months and I was hooked. I signed up to learn Reiki with the intentions of understanding how to do Reiki on myself. It eventually turned into more! ️

 How has Reiki affected your life?

 Reiki has Mastered me! It has helped me to shift into a state of balance, compassion, love, respect. In all honesty, I just thought learning Reiki would be a good way to calm me down and to my surprise, it has become my Purpose. Reiki has saved my life. 

 Has Reiki awakened any other abilities for you/within you?

Absolutely. Understanding energy has helped me with creating boundaries and becoming very clear on how I channel with spirit and the other side. It has brought a clarity to my being that I don’t believe would have developed any other way. Clearing myself has helped me safely open up more to my clairvoyance and other senses. I call Reiki the Gateway to All. 

What would you say to a person who is interested in receiving Reiki for the first time?

I would tell them it is a gentle healing modality. It can never harm you. Reiki is Universal Life Force that is pushed from the practitioner’s hands into the recipient where it balances your 7 primary chakras, allowing your flow, your body to get back to its state of neutral where then the body can heal itself. It is also a beautiful modality where it connects mind, body and soul which makes it (w)holistic. It is so gentle, I even reiki my newborn twin nephews!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Reiki practitioner?

I would tell them to be open, be gentle with themselves and allow for transformation. Every person I have worked with who has been attuned into Reiki has evolved in ways that are life-changing. Reiki is a way of life. And when you dedicate yourself to this practice, you start to understand your reactions and become very aware of what’s going on inside and out. That is when I believe people start taking self-inventory and start changing fairly quickly. It is definitely a practice of ground and flow. A practice that needs to be infused into your daily life to be truly effective. 

Tell us about Spirit Circle? How did the idea for this workshop come about?

Spirit Circle is a sacred space where people gather to learn and practice certain techniques to connect more to their own spirit and up above. Every month, we explore a different theme. This circle was created by the community. They asked. We delivered. 

 And, what about Sacred Circle? Tell us why we should attend this monthly event!

Sacred Circle is my favorite circle of all. We start with a grounding meditation to release and clear space. I go around the room and introduce each person to at least one of their guides, angels or loved ones from the other side and bring forth a message just for them. Then we reground again with our Healing Drums calling in All to protect us and prepare us for all the good to come. This circle is where anyone can show up and we Truly SEE each other. Truly, this is where I think community lives. We really bond. It is so simple and beautiful. 

Interview by Taina Berardi

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