Modern Goddess: An Interview with Melissa Bersamina

Modern Goddess Melissa

Modern Goddess Melissa

You have been helping patients with vision and eye care for over a decade as a Doctor of Optometry; how did you find your way into the spiritual space and healing?

The journey that led me here as a spiritual healer and teacher has been intense and filled with so many different types of experiences that I don’t see how I couldn’t answer the call.

It started in April of 2012. I was an officer in the Navy, and part of the Medical Service Corps. I came down with a debilitating illness which left me unable to work for several months. I was in extreme pain, extremely weak, covered in hives and every lymph node was swollen. Multiple tests were run and no clear diagnosis was found. I thought I was going to die. After several months, I miraculously recovered. That experience gave me more gratitude for life and convinced me that I am still alive for a larger purpose.

My world changed again when my beloved first dog Tia passed away, followed shortly by the death of our family dog, Chuckie. Our bond taught me that true love is eternal and unconditional. That pain and heartbreak led me to dive deep into spiritual books and teachings. I devoured them as they opened my eyes to a realm of thought and possibilities I’d never encountered before. I came into more love for myself and understanding about my relationships and the Universe around me. I also found yoga which led me on a path of healing family wounds.

From that, domestic violence came into the forefront. Unfortunately more than one woman I am close to has been impacted in this way, and the ugliness of violence kept popping up into my life. I knew that this was coming for a reason: that I play a role in helping others heal. Then a close friend was murdered at Route 91 Harvest, and I went into extreme grief. Two weeks after her death, on my way home from seeing patients, I was severely injured in a car accident, from which I still have daily pain. This emotional and then extreme physical trauma led my body to shut down once again. I was in and out of the hospital, and I was forced to stop working for six months.

Through this journey, I sought out the help of many spiritual healers and teachers, and kept immersing myself in books and teachings. All of it helped me immensely. I’ve been able to find more peace, joy, greater love for myself and a greater connection with the Source of all love. My childhood confidence has returned, and I am living life in more alignment with the Goddess that is me.

To more effectively help others, I underwent many different trainings to add to my spiritual healing and empowering toolkit. Life has given me so much compassion and understanding of different circumstances. When we dive into the shadows for the purpose of healing and growth, we come into the light, and I am blessed to help others heal, grow, and rise: in confidence, in love, in worth, and in connection with the Divine that is all of us. We are so powerful, supported, and loved.

Since, you have become an Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, certified chakra and crystal healer, and registered yoga teacher, how do you incorporate all of these modalities into your healing practice? For yourself and for your clients?

I let intuition guide the way in my sessions. I come into a place of alignment with myself and thus in alignment with the Universe, Source, God, the Divine (different words, but all the same). Through this, I use the influence of Divine energy to help my clients for their highest and best good. I come into a deep meditative state utilizing the Theta brainwave (which taps into the subconscious, and the majority of our beliefs are subconscious). This has the power to help a client break through limiting beliefs and beliefs which do not serve. The entire session is supported by Reiki energy. I balance the client’s chakras through Reiki and utilize crystals also to support the energy. Yoga philosophy is part of a lot of my teachings, though I incorporate different philosophies in general. Truth is truth, and the core truth of it all is love. The majority of my sessions are done online or via phone. The energy is just as powerful and enables me to help people everywhere. I also teach intuitive energy healing and certify practitioners in Reiki. All of it is a gift to share.

I come into deep Theta meditation daily and use Reiki throughout each day in support of my own health, happiness and self love. It is my all-day practice of giving love to myself, so that it can overflow to others.

From your experience, why is spiritual, energetic healing important? How can one make it part of their lifestyle for healthy living?

Spiritual, energetic healing is important because pain, sadness, anger, frustration, self-doubt, worry, fear, etc.— these are all emotions we can have as humans. When we put rose-colored glasses on everything and turn our eyes away, we only bury what’s still there. When we look at it, uncover it, feel the emotions and let them run through, then they can pass, we can heal, we up-level and grow into our higher and higher selves.

This type of work not only supports healing from deep wounds but also helps general confidence, self-awareness, worthiness and self-love. You don’t have to be going through any trauma or emotional/health crisis to benefit from a session. You could just want relaxation and stress relief which supports all physical and emotional health. The energy that flows through in sessions supports well-being in general.

True healthy living starts with a healthy mind, and the easiest way to practice that daily is to speak kindly to yourself. Pay attention to what you say and think after the words I AM.

Talk to us about cultivating Abundance...Why is this practice so important? What does abundance mean to you?

Abundance is what we are all worthy of, so cultivating it comes down to cultivating your own self love and worth. Abundance is freedom, joy, peace, unlimited possibility and potential, and so much more.

Would you share with our readers your favorite daily (or regular) observances or rituals that help you live your most awakened and authentic life?

As I’ve mentioned, I meditate daily and use Reiki throughout each day. I love lighting candles, and look upon my home as a sacred space, so I keep it as such. I always notice and appreciate nature, whether its plants in the city or while I’m on one of my regular hikes with my dog Padma.

I love both yoga and weight training, and eat from a place of balance and no guilt. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

You have partnered with Sojourn founder Whitney Yarnall to host an upcoming workshop: Awakening into Abundance, Thursday, June 20, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. What can we look forward to? How can we prepare?

I am so excited for this event! You can look forward to a really fun, happy evening of celebration, of owning your worth, and of realizing that abundance is always around us. I’ll be doing group ThetaHealing, and Whitney and I will be doing Reiki as well. There will be guided meditation, grounding gentle movement, and a collective raising of vibrations to allow us all to rise into more abundance, the abundance we all deserve! No need to prepare. Just come in clothes which you can do some gentle movement in, possibly a journal and bring your open heart and mind.


Dr. Melissa Bersamina, OD MBA RYT is an energy medicine woman, Reiki Master Teacher, ThetaHealer, yoga teacher and Doctor of Optometry. She provides one on one healing sessions online, group events, and the Modern Goddess Energy Healing Training with Reiki Certification. Through social media on Instagram and Modern Goddess Melissa on Facebook, she delivers inspired writings focusing on empowering women with the truth of our Goddess nature. Songstress, foodie, dog mom and traveler, her mission is to heal and inspire you to live in more alignment and to follow your bliss. Follow her and visit for more. Portion of proceeds to Volunteer Optometric Services for Humanity. 

Interview By: Taina Berardi