How to Stay Committed to Your Health + Wellness Intentions


Written By Nia Carrillo, MS, Holistic Nutritionist, RMT, RYT  @eclectic.wellness

Written By Nia Carrillo, MS, Holistic Nutritionist, RMT, RYT @eclectic.wellness

So you wanna commit more time to your health and wellness? Whether you are looking to lose uncomfortable weight or improve your physical or emotional health, you are committed to creating a true lifestyle change. Being a few weeks into the new year, it might feel overwhelming on where to start and perhaps you might even feel lost. That’s all OKAY. If you find yourself in this boat, I am here to share my favorite tips in staying motivated with your health and wellness-related New Year’s Intentions or Resolutions.


Routines are meant to take the guesswork out of things, to make your life a little bit simpler and help you stay on track on any journey. If you go about your wellness goals casually, it will be nearly impossible to achieve them. You must have an intention and a plan! So in the case of eating healthy, if you’re someone who’s rather busy during the week; prepping your meals in advance, setting out your work-out clothes, or committing to waking up an hour earlier to make it to an early morning yoga class, are all great examples in how to create a routine. The key is making your routine as non-negotiable as possible. Of course, life happens but it’s important to remember to ensure you’re caring for yourself before you extend your time and energy to others.


Over a decade ago, I was in your shoes. Sick and tired of letting myself down when it came to eating balanced and staying physically active. When I decided to really hone in on my goal to be healthy, I didn’t focus on losing 85 pounds. Honestly, that would have felt daunting. Instead, I set and achieved micro-goals that I knew would lead me to the version of myself I wished to be. That could look like a bi-weekly goal like eliminating soda and drinking more water, consuming less sugary foods and eating more fruits and vegetables, or even committing 30 minutes/day to a new workout and discovering what felt good for my body. Try not to get bombarded by the bigger picture and really just learn to revel in the journey of getting there. The lessons and experiences along the way are truly the stepping stones to your goal.


On the opposing side of creating a routine is creating a ritual! Rituals mainly differ from routines in that they are not supposed to be completed mindlessly. They are meant to promote true presence from you, as this is the source of joy. When we are constantly focused on an outcome (the future), we fail to maintain mindfulness or presence. In many ways, this creates many forms of fear like anxiety, stress, and worry as we take our focus off of what really matters, which is NOW. Dedicating time to nourish soul can be as simple as five minutes of meditation, breathwork, or yoga. You could even schedule in time for monthly massages or other healing appointments that are with no other agenda than you just feeling good.


As Marianne Williamson once said, “Our bodies are a manifestation of our subconscious minds.”  And one way in which our subconscious minds are formed is is by our environment. It becomes IMMENSELY easier to accomplish your goals when you are apart of an environment that promotes your growth! If you’re surrounding yourself with people who maybe question or make light of your health efforts, it can feel like you’re constantly climbing uphill, making it even more tempting to just throw in the towel. Whereas, if you’re surrounded by loving people who maybe are joining you for a run, yoga class, or healthy dinner date, your actions are with ease and flow, making it a whole lot easier to find joy and flourish on your journey! So be sure to seek connection, you don’t have to be alone on your journey, you have an entire healing collective community here to support you.


Nia has over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. As a teenager, she took part in her own wellness journey, losing over 85 pounds. Along this journey, she began to discover society’s flawed view on “health,” from the pressure of dieting to its obsession in being “thin.” After years of self-study, Nia obtained her Master’s in Nutritional Wellness, along with her certifications in Yoga and Reiki. She has since founded Eclectic Wellness and created a holistic weight-loss program, Holy Shift!, focused on the concepts of mindful (or Intuitive) eating and helping women claim their confidence and power back through their wellness choices. Nia’s current offerings include one-on-one nutrition coaching and meal prep guidance. To learn more about Nia’s services and/or work with her, click below to schedule a complimentary consultation or head to her website: