A Journey Through Thai Massage

As the Sojourn Community grows, so do our offerings. You may have noticed the brand new door as you walk into our lobby. Behind that door is a brand new healing space that will offer Thai Massage infused with Reiki and Sound Healing provided by licensed massage therapist Nathan Ziccarelli.  So pour yourself a cup of tea and sit down and read along for an interview with Nathan that will give you a glimpse inside his Thai Massage Healing experience.

What drew you to practicing and offering Thai Massage to your clients?

It’s funny; I took my first Thai Massage class back in 2011 and over the years, inevitably, as I’ve been practicing the art of healing, just as with any dedicated craftsman, or industry professional, I’ve evolved. The evolution has been manifested through my personal quests of healing; from the practice of yoga, organized spirituality, becoming attuned as a Reiki Master, and the hands on experience of bringing body and energy work to 100’s of individuals.

In the last year I decided to retire from the table and solely begun to practice and offer Thai Massage because I’ve answered the call to evolve, and continue to do so.

Practicing Thai Massage is very different than traditional table massage. This style of massage requires me to have the ability to smoothly flow and guide the client through the many different poses the person’s body may need. 

I wouldn’t have been ready for this transition until I learned how to move through some of the most challenging moments of my life. I think it often takes the gift of time to learn how to smoothly flow through the many transitions of life. Just like anyone, I’ve gone through a lot and my reactions, (unlike during my earlier years), are much more refined, subtle, observant, thoughtful. 

That’s what energy and body work is to me. Subtle shifts along the many channels of the body’s flowing energetic systems. Faith it works. It is the courage to follow your passion and live authentically. 

In life, sometimes, there are emotional blocks, injury, and stagnation. Thai massage is a metaphor to me. It’s a string of yoga poses on someone’s body, each meant to breathe through, to overcome and evolve through, and heal through much like this journey we are ALL on that we call Life. 

Thai massage isn’t always about making nice. It’s about going in deep, head on, and getting to the root. That’s who my client is. Ready to face whatever they have going on with no holds barred. 

Who can benefit from Thai Massage and why?

Thai Massage can be for EVERYONE! The stretching and pressing techniques have innumerable healing effects on the body and mind.  For example, when muscle tissues are compressed, fibrotic tissues are broken down and more elastic fiber is produced. As we become more physically active, stressed, and age, our body’s muscle tissue and fibers contract which can inhibit the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire musculature. This can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and we can become more prone to physical injury. Nobody wants that! 

As the body is stretched and compressed by your Thai Massage Therapist a diversity of signals are sent to the brain through what are called muscle spindle organs. Think of them as sensory fibers communicating with the brain that it’s time to relax. This allows them to regain normal tone leading to the restoration of balance between muscle groups. This restoration can increase  flexibility, postural improvement, the release of toxins, carbon dioxide, and metabolic waste. 

I work with a wide range of clients. From college athletes, to survivors of trauma, to seniors seeking relief from chronic pain, and even other healers who want to continue showing up fully capable for their clients.  When working with a professional Thai Massage Therapist sessions should always be modified to cater to the specific needs of the individual client.

What should a client expect during and after their first session?

Expect compassion, a genuine desire to help you feel at peace, ease and comfort, as well as the sense that you’re with a friend. Importantly, expect to feel relief. Relief from any physical pain, doubt, or stress you carried in.

How often should someone receive Thai Massage?

This is so personal and circumstantial. I firmly believe in receiving Thai Massage before the pain and/or overwhelm sets in. However, everyone’s body is different; everyone’s threshold for stress is different; some people are dealing with really pressing concerns, pasts, circumstances. I say, if you’re seeking body and or energy work you know your body or want to know your body and the best we can try to do is listen to what it’s asking for. Personally, I receive bodywork at least 2 times a month, it’s part of my self-care routine, just like going to the barber. Sometimes I even do them back to back on the same day and I’m feeling really sharp after!

Do you incorporate other healing aspects into your sessions?

I most certainly do. I’ve picked up a few tools along the way that have really made a huge difference for my clients and the healing they experience. Today I infuse my sessions with Reiki Energy Healing and Sound Healing. I always offer my clients the option to draw an oracle card before we start too. 

I see a transformation happen after a client has received a Reiki and Sound Healing infused Thai Massage session. I often see a shift in their perception of of thinking that bodywork can’t be more than relief from physical pain. Sure physical pain relief is a goal. But, all of it, inclusively, reminds the client that they are more than a body; they are mind, body, and spirit. 

We live in a society very distracted by the robotic nature of answering emails, phone calls, and the pressures of work, deadlines, family obligations, financial pressures, getting the next credential, etc. So many are operating from a place of competition, fear, and old programmed beliefs that really are not working for them anymore. For many, this leads to a lot of physical pain and emotional stress. We’re surrounded by a lot of unnatural, synthesized noise that distorts coherent waves of sensory-neuron pulses to the brain which leads to the frenetic feelings of distraction, like we are all over the place. All of the modalities I offer, combined, truly lead to an awesome retuning of the mind, body, and soul. Think of coming to me just  like your car’s need for regular maintenance to keep it running like new! 

Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive Mentor, Bodywork Specialist, Founder of HEAL by Nathan

A survivor of chronic childhood trauma and recovered substance abuser, Nathan, identifies deeply with those struggling to get past circumstances blocking forward movement and desperate to make sense of their life’s true purpose. Nathan greatly understands the effects stored stress, depression, anxiety, unrealized goals, and unresolved circumstances from the past have on the mind and body. Nathan has built his intuitive healing practice from the platform of his own personal healing journey bringing his clients a treasure chest of the same proven healing modalities that have allowed him to gain clarity, ongoing peace, and freedom from the emotional and physical pain he carried with him for years before he began his path to healing.

His post-secondary education in Psychology, Asian Medical Massage Therapy, Reiki Training and Spiritual Practices have all shaped the way he guides and treats his clients to experience the freedom they seek to live their most authentic, prosperous, joy filled lives. Reiki, Intuitive Mentorship, Oracle Card readings, Crystals, Sound Healing, and Massage are all key elements offered by Nathan to help you realign mind, body and spirit to awaken the healer within. Nathan is here to remind you of these truths; you can be free!

Nathan practices out of the Sojourn Healing Collective and offers free consultations in person or via phone. Schedule your next session online: healbynathan.com or 619-571-1038.

Sojourn Members enjoy 10% discounted rates for all services. 

Interview By: Whitney Sartain

Heal by Nathan

Heal by Nathan