Halo for Healing: An Interview with Sara Whaley

Tell us about Third Eye Metamorphosis. How did you start your practice in the healing arts?

Third Eye Metamorphosis is a healing space to harvest spiritual transformation. I believe spiritual transformation starts with the way you see yourself and getting to know your own intuition. Your third eye is a magical window to self-love.

Sara Whaley, Founder of Third Eye Metamorphosis

Sara Whaley, Founder of Third Eye Metamorphosis

My practice in the healing arts started informally about 10 years ago with tarot card readings. After doing tarot readings for several years, I started to see a pattern of people depending on the cards for answers, instead of doing the work themselves. As such, I decided to stop reading cards because it was disempowering people. Around that same time, I was a few years into my infertility journey and I was desperately looking for answers. As a result, I started to seek every holistic method out there and, in the process, I met great mentors who saw something in me. I was taken under the wings of many powerful healers and through them I learned my craft from the inside out. 

After having my son, I experienced extreme postpartum depression. Healing Touch was introduced to me by the grace of the Universe through an old friend that I had not seen in years. She said she was meditating one day and my name came to her in meditation. She reached out to me and I had my first Healing Touch session. This changed the course of my life.  Everything thereafter came together very quickly and I found my purpose: to hold space for the collective and assist those ready to transform their lives.

What is healing touch and why/how is it used in tandem with western medicine in hospitals, universities, medical and nursing schools?

Healing Touch is a heart-centered biofield healing technique that uses gentle, intentional touch to move energy within one’s field. It is founded on several different modalities and scientific studies. Healing Touch is helpful to balance one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. The heart chakra is used as the main energy source within this treatment because the heart chakra carries the most powerful healing properties within our energetic system.

In hospitals, Healing Touch is used in tandem with surgery recovery, chemotherapy and in treating patients and their families after traumatic events. For example, if one has had any type of surgery, there has been distortion of your energy fields because before you can cut through skin, you have to cut through all one’s energetic fields. Healing Touch is used to mend the spiritual body after it’s been “cut” to allow the physical body to heal faster. For chemotherapy patients, especially amongst children, Healing Touch is used to clear the toxins from the biofield in an effort to decrease the side effects of the treatment. When it comes to traumatic experiences amongst children or patients that cannot communicate, Healing Touch can be used very effectively to create a space of peace and calmness.  When it comes to children, it is also important to treat the parents as they are so energetically in sync with the child.

We are now seeing Healing Touch being offered in many hospitals throughout San Diego and the United States. It is also being incorporated into the curriculum of western medical/nursing schools and massage therapy schools.

How can it be incorporated in facilitating total health and wellbeing?

Imagine yourself in a snow globe and the snow/glitter is always moving around at a fast pace.  For many people this is how they experience life every moment of every single day– it is a non-stop moving snow globe. This is exhausting and spiritually blinding. What Healing Touch does is that is allows one’s snow globe to take a pause from shaking and lets all of the debris come down in a peaceful and rhythmic manner. In this moment of quiet and clarity, one feels peaceful, light and clear-minded. This is the magic moment in which the body can best heal.  Healing Touch allows for a meditative healing state that is not only relaxing, but also recharges your physical and spiritual body.

What other healing modalities do you incorporate in your practice?

Healing Touch is what really motivated to become a healing facilitator for people, but I incorporate many techniques into my practice which is what I believe makes my treatments unique. I am a reiki master and I am also certified crystal healer. I use bio-magnetic, prana and shamanic techniques as well. I have also found a way to practically incorporate tarot readings into my sessions. In addition to all of that, everyone has their own abilities; while in treatment, I will be downloaded with specific healing techniques to use on my clients based on their abilities. So, if someone is a medium, I become a medium and deliver messages. If someone is clairaudient, I become clairaudient and can hear their favorite song or the voice of their guides. Every session is completely customized and unique. 

What do your personal healing rituals look like?

I meditate twice a day for at about 20 minutes.  But I don’t keep normal meditation hours. I meditate as I am called to do so. I have energy healing sessions twice a month, massage twice a month, acupuncture once a month and I get adjusted weekly. Every couple of months, I schedule a modality that I have never tried. Because I work with energy all the time it’s important that I keep my vessel as clear as possible so I know my maintenance routine is a little extra. You can always catch me signing up for a new class because I am always seeking new knowledge and we have some much to learn from one another.   

What events are you planning to incorporate in the future?

In mid-June I am going to start hosting Halo Hour at Sojourn.  Halo stands for Healing Alchemy of Love and Oneness. It is going to be a high vibrational group healing session focused on releasing energy that is not in alignment with our highest and greatest good and retrieving energy that is within our field that has not been able to find its way back into one’s individual collective light. This is an interactive healing event and I believe many people will learn to activate their own healing abilities during these sessions.I am very excited to offer this new form of treatment.  It is something I’ve been developing over the last year and I know it’s going to benefit so many people.

Meet Sarah and the other resident healers of Sojourn during our upcoming event, Healing Hour. Healing Hour will be a fully restorative event where we celebrate and share the gift of healing with our extended community and provide an opportunity to discover the many benefits of our newly revamped Citrine Membership. Our healers will welcome you into our sanctuary with a selection of 20-minute healing sessions meant to align, balance and restore your full complex. Each of our healers and a description of their mini-session are listed below. Healing Hour takes place on Sunday, April 28 from 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and sessions are received on a first come first served basis. Each session is $30 for 20-minutes.


Sara is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, trained by Healing Beyond Borders. Her heart-centered practice focuses on clearing energetic blockages, balancing chakras, meditation, pain reduction, insomnia relief, hormone balancing and self-awareness. Sara incorporates tarot cards, angel cards, essential oils, numerology, crystals and sacred geometry in her healing touch sessions. Her goal is to help her clients recognize the magic they have within.

Interview by Taina Berardi