Transformative Healing: An Interview with Charlene Corpus

What brought you to the realms of healing, spirituality and coaching?

Interview with Charlene Corpus, Photography by On Route 44

Interview with Charlene Corpus, Photography by On Route 44

The lived experience of my own healing journey through trauma - twice. I used to have a normal life, before it happened - the Big Bad - and everything in my normal life fell apart. Eight years ago, I was in an abusive relationship and to escape I had to run; the ER staff testified I was one of the worst cases they had seen with still been alive. As a result, I had free therapy from the State, but it wasn't enough.  

A friend who worked at a Zen center recommended it to me and there I learned Zen meditation. In college I had an academic understanding of Buddhist literature but through dharma talks at the Zen center and the lived practice of Buddhism, I began to see myself and my story in a different way; this laid the foundation for coaching. After 2 years of therapy, that unfortunately didn't work for me, I stumbled upon life coaching and John Kim, the Angry Therapist. Being Aries, a high achiever, and intensely craving change, life coaching clicked with me. It gave me emotional tools and a path forward instead of the constant desire to look back. Working intensely with John several times a week, I changed my life and became a different person. I spread my wings and went out into the world as this new person who finally felt free. 

Another trauma 3-years ago initiated my Kundalini awakening and put me back on a healing journey; this time I sought out spiritual methodologies. I had access to therapy and coaches but going the scientific route didn't feel right. Then, at a workshop I broke down crying and had to excuse myself. An Energy Mastery practitioner sat down and asked me if they could help and after 5 minutes the pain from my trauma was gone. I got the intuitive flash that I could put coaching and energy work together for powerful results and put a lot of money into a business coach for a business I didn't even have and waited for the Universe to unfold. 

It did. Two months later I began life coach training with JRNI, the life coaching company that John Kim co-founded, and it was like coming home. The curriculum was basically the story of my life, the tools I had used years ago to create a new life for myself so they weren't just lessons but my life blood. I became a reiki master and Energy Mastery practitioner, finding I had a natural aptitude for bending energy.  A friend recommended I try working with a shamanic practitioner, which was the most powerful healing I had experienced. When my practitioner went to Peru for a year and a half, I began studying shamanism so I could work on myself. Though shamanism was intended to be for my own healing, it became clear this was meant to be done for other people. In the course of my studies, through a lineage of ancestors and ancestral memory, I had a natural talent and aptitude for the work, knowing how to do things that no one taught me, that I didn't know existed or could be done. Though this began as a side business, my guides pushed me to step fully onto my path a few months ago, so that more people could also find inspiration to step fully into their own.

What modalities of healing do you practice and offer to your clients?

I offer my clients shamanic healing, energy healing (either reiki or Energy Mastery), intuitive tarot, life coaching and business coaching. My work is meant to help people heal and bring them back to who they are, to strengthen them to step fully onto their destiny path, into their purpose and calling with ease and grace. You were meant to shine, to share your gifts with the world and change it.

How has your personal healing journey informed how you work with others?

It's informed everything, from my understanding of the world to how I approach this work. First, the realization that this was all meant to be a hero's journey changed everything. We all walk a hero's journey and the obstacles and problems of our lives are meant to teach us lessons of self-mastery and resilience, not to be a punishment. 

Second, this work is tough, give yourself a break. I deeply understand what it’s like to sit in liminal space, in the place in-between where you are and where you want to be, and the self-loathing and shame that comes with it. You compare yourself, you blame yourself, you shame yourself. Learning to meet yourself with acceptance and compassion for the things you've done and the person you've been helps your healing gracefully unfold. 

Third, work with the energy first. Since energy is a higher frequency than physical matter, by first creating change on an energetic level in the spiritual body, it is then easier to make changes in the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The spiritual work softens the soil to do the mental and emotional work, which then creates physiological changes in the physical body.

Lastly, I believe that all dimensions of self - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - must be addressed for true transformation and healing. Much of healing is split across dividing lines, leaving the person lacking in certain areas, when an integrated solution is needed to address the person as a whole. My work reflects my own nature, the juxtaposition of science and spiritual, walking between the physical and spiritual worlds. Though my work seems to be primarily spiritual, it's grounded in modern science and psychology, incorporating cutting edge neuroscience, and delivered through person-centered coaching techniques, to create more powerful results by bringing the mind, heart, body and spirit together.

What have been some sources of inspiration along the way?

My ancestors, my guides, my mentors and teachers, the Buddha, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Roshi Bernie Glassman, John Kim (The Angry Therapist), Noelle Cordeaux (CEO of JRNI), my JRNI coaching family - can you tell how much I love us??? Having a functional chosen family with emotional tools who unconditionally loves and supports you is the bee’s knees and is what I try to give my clients.  I don't follow personal development at all, I don't read any of the books or follow the podcasts; my work is rooted in ancient wisdom through the lens of biopsychology and modern sensibilities.

What are your must have tools of the trade?

Drums, spirit guides, crystals, tarot cards, meditation, deep listening, love, hope, faith, and magic.

What can a new client expect from your sessions?

A new client can expect dramatic shifts even when they don't know exactly what is that they'd like to change, all they need to know is how they'd like to feel on the other side. They can trust myself and the spirit guides to find exactly what they need for their highest and best good because my work is meant to be the lightning path. In our session, they'll have a safe place to rest when they have hard problems, with a hand to hold, a vessel of hope when they have none, and a light to guide their way.

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About Charlene

As both a natural-born shaman and JRNI certified life coach, Charlene's work is the lightning path. Her work gets powerful results by weaving the esoteric knowledge of shamanic healing, energy medicine (as both reiki master and Energy Mastery practitioner), and a variety of intuitive gifts, with the sciences of positive psychology, applied meaning theory, and neurobiology, delivered in a package of person-centered coaching. In her experience, it is only when we work with all aspects of ourselves – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – that true transformation and healing are possible.

Charlene's role is to guide others on the hero's journey. She finds their wounds both known and unknown, retrieves their unique healing protocols, and helps them dispel their doubts and fears, to ultimately find strength and courage through the unknown. The only way out is through and on the other side her clients emerge more whole and balanced, with clarity on the destiny path and tools to create what they want out of what life gives them. Her offerings are bespoke for each client and her areas of competency include: shamanic healing; intuitive tarot; energy healing; space clearing and blessing; psychopomp rites of passage; life coaching; and business coaching. It is her calling to share these gifts, to help others heal and find freedom through knowledge of self.

Interview by Taina Berardi