What's Trauma Got To Do With It?

Guest Author: Jesalyn Eatchel    @jesalyneatchel

Guest Author: Jesalyn Eatchel @jesalyneatchel

People are talking about trauma both in the media and in the wellness community. It’s a current hot button topic and there are good reasons why instructors, educators and professionals in the fields of health and wellness should be aware of the implications.

Researchers are gathering more and more information about how our brain and body remembers, stores and processes traumatic incidents. The saying “the issues are in our tissues” is a quick way to illustrate what we are finding; the body never forgets.

The current movement of victims speaking up about past sexual assault is drawing a much-needed awareness and attention to this issue. But, trauma is not just reserved for #MeToo type stories.

As far as I am concerned, no one who is having a human experience will ever escape trauma. The definition is far broader than most of us think and this means that we all have some level of trauma that we can work to heal.

As yoga teachers and healers, it’s imperative that we are aware of our own traumatic experiences and memories so that we can hold healing space for others. This often requires employing the very practices that we teach and share.

I am a therapist and yoga teacher and it’s very interesting to watch my two worlds come together. We are discovering that it’s hard to talk about yoga without including some aspects of psychology and the mind. It’s also exceedingly difficult to heal trauma without involving the body.

Please join me on Saturday, October 20, 2018, 1:00 PM – 5 PM at Sojourn Healing Collective for Trauma Training for Yoga Teachers and Healers, a trauma informed workshop where we will explore this topic in more depth so that you can be of service to your own healing and that of others.  

Jesalyn Eatchel is a clinical therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, goddess circle leader, and full moon howler. Beyond all else, Jesalyn believes in honest human connection, movement, breath and energy work, forgiveness, self-acceptance and love.

Learn more about the upcoming Trauma Informed Training by watching the video below.

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