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Trauma Informed Training for Yoga Teachers & Healers

Join Jesalyn Eatchel for a workshop addressing the role that trauma plays in yoga and other healing modalities. This 4 hour training will offer a definition of trauma, give you the tools to notice when trauma is present in your clients and students, skills to help create safety in your offerings, self-awareness of your own trauma and information about how to stay within your scope of practice.


This workshop is designed to give you the basics in understanding trauma in yourself and others but will hopefully leave you with more questions to explore as you navigate this emerging field of awareness. Jesalyn will offer next steps to continue the learning and hopes that you will be engaged in self-exploration as well.


In this workshop we will:

-Learn the ways trauma manifests in the body and the brain
-Practice using trauma sensitive language
-Receive alternatives to practices that may trigger trauma
-Understand how to stay regulated as practitioner/teacher to best serve your clients/students
-Explore the ways trauma shows up on a larger societal scale


Cost: $75 per person
Early Bird (Register by October 10th): $70
10% Discount for Quartz or Citrine Members

About Jesalyn:

Jesalyn Eatchel is a therapist, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She loves sharing her various passions and is excited and inspired by the cross over that is happening between yoga and psychology. As a therapist in private practice, she brings the body into her talk therapy work and feels that is the only way to fully heal trauma. As a yoga teacher, she wants to support other teachers and healers to be aware of the countless ways that trauma can show up during class or sessions. Also, she feels it’s of utmost importance to also continue doing healing work on yourself. She aims to lead by example on this one and hardly ever teaches something she doesn’t also do herself.

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