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Goddess Gathering: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Within

It gets easy in this modern world to disconnect from our true feminine nature. This evening is designed to help you tune back into your feminine and activate your intuition.

Too often, we are in overdrive with our masculine energy. Pushing, striving, forcing to make things happen. What if there was an easier way? What if you could achieve the same career and business goals, parent, make an abundant living from a place of flow and ease where your body is relaxed versus stressed? As women, our ability to thrive is connected to our body which houses our wisdom.

Activate more of your feminine energy with ease and grace!

Return to your birthright of strong intuition!

Learn how to surrender to what wants to be birthed in your life at this time

In this gathering, we will:

- Open sacred space with a grounding meditation and breath work

- Have an interactive, enlightening conversation about feminine energy; what it entails and how to best utilize it

- Participate in a “Surrender” circle share

- Close the circle with a meditation and hands on healing from Dawn