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Mala Making Necklace Workshop

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will learn the history of Malas, the origins of sacred seeds and their significance within Hinduism, Buddhism and meditative practice. You will also learn a knotting technique used in traditional Mala making. You will leave with your very own 27 bead pocket Mala using sacred seeds and stone beads of your choice!

Early Bird (Register by April 26th): $60
$65 After April 26th


Teacher Bio: Samantha from 108 Mindfully Made, is a full time RN in a high risk labor and delivery unit who began her meditation practice as a way to reduce stress and come back to center. Two years ago she discovered Japa or Mala meditation, where one focuses on a mantra and tactile sensation of Mala beads vs the breath. She became inspired to make her own meditation Mala and learned to hand knot all 108 beads. This led to Sam making a few more for herself and soon enough she had friends and family requesting them as well. Now she is helping to design and create beautiful pieces for people near and far.

When choosing materials for her Malas, Sam fell in love with sacred seeds; Rudraksha, Bodhi, lotus seed and many types of wood beads became her favorite for their texture, significance and ties within Hinduism and Buddhism. She enjoys mixing sacred seeds with crystal and stone beads to give tactile reminders within the Mala meditation.