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Crystal Healing Training, Level 2

Crystal Healing Training, Level 2 (Pre-requisite: Level 1)

In this interactive crystal healing training, Jessica Roth (CCH) will teach you how to perform a crystal healing session, with a focus on clearing and balancing the chakras. You will get to perform a practice crystal healing session during the training, to fully experience the step-by-step process and ask questions along the way.

This training is a perfect compliment for Reiki or Massage Practitioners that want to offer a crystal chakra healing as an add-on service. You'll leave the class with all the tools and knowledge needed for doing a crystal healing session on yourself or others!

Included for you to take home: Extra Crystals needed to do a session, a Crystal Pendulum and a step-by-step crystal healing session booklet. Please bring a pen/notebook.

Cost: $150 per person
Early Bird (Register by 7/25): $135 per person