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Crystal Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in a 75-minute crystal sound healing experience with Maria Theresa. During this enchanting meditation, sound vibrations from the alchemy singing bowls will amplify the energy of the room to encourage a deep sense of inner peace and love. Each crystal bowl is harmonically connected to our chakras to unlock sensations of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing. We begin our practice with a brief guided meditation, followed by 60 minutes of sound bliss while in savasana (resting pose), and awaken to a cup of warm herbal tea to gently soothe the soul.

Sound meditation with alchemy crystal singing bowls offer many benefits including: Energy Boost, Love Attraction, Oneness, Heart Opening, Spiritual Elevation, Presence, Connection, Transformation, Mindfulness, Clearing, Communication, Restful Sleep, Meditation, Emotional Healing, Mental Relaxation, Grounding, Stillness, Peace, Awakened Consciousness, Harmony, Playfulness, Balance, Gratitude, Freedom, Creativity, Abundance and so on!

- Dress comfortably (loose clothing, layers, no jewelry), eat lightly and drink plenty of water before and after the session.
- Yoga mats, blankets, bolsters are provided by Sojourn
- The most important part of working with the bowls is YOU and the positive intention or affirmation you bring. You will receive in direct proportion to what you give and what you are willing to release. An intention that is clear and pure will create a high frequency and a shift in consciousness.
- Come with an open mind and heart to receive all the benefits of healing sound vibrations.


Cost: $30 per person
10% Discount for Quartz or Citrine Members

About Maria Theresa
Maria Theresa is a holistic entrepreneur and sound meditation artist, whose deep experience from musical sound healing inspired her to work with the harmonic tools to help guide others in their path. With a curated collection of 12 alchemy crystal singing bowls, she's performed amongst our local schools, non-profit organizations and corporate health fairs. Group, semi-private and private sessions are available by request.

Earlier Event: November 25
Later Event: December 1
Sonic Energy: Sound Healing