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Our Citrine Membership includes ALL Quartz Member Benefits PLUS a 60 minute Healing Session of your choice every month


Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Classes, 10% OFF Workshops, 10% OFF Private Sessions, 10% OFF Retail (excludes jewelry), FREE Special Classes, 1 FREE Guest Pass/month

One 60 Minute Healing Session of Your Choice per month


Charlene Corpus - Shamanic Journey Session
Charlene weaves together the sciences of positive psychology, neurobiology, and person-centered coaching, with the esoteric knowledge of shamanic healing, energy medicine, and intuitive gifts in her signature Hero's Journey Session. Through shamanic journey, she enters the spirit world to work with your spirit guides on a vision quest to find the medicine exactly right for your healing. Any issue and any question may be addressed. Throughout the session, you will also receive intuitive messages from your guides. Sessions may include ancestral, past life, crystal or energy healing. After the journey, together you'll process the information, working together to address obstacles and create an action plan moving forward. In her experience, it is only when we work with all parts of ourselves – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – that true transformation and healing are possible. By walking the Hero's Journey, may you find more freedom through knowledge of self.

Christina Wehry - The Complete Wellbeing Massage
The Complete Wellbeing massage method is a blend of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Designed to remove pain-causing tension, this blend of manual manipulations is used to align muscles and connective tissue while improving the fluidity of their movement and releasing trigger points. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries. If you are experiencing pain, this is the service for you.

Dawn Ressel - Crystal Healing Session
Dawn uses several different sacred rituals that use crystals that can help a variety of issues, such as emotional issues, physical issues, or even time management. I work with you individually to use the methods and crystals that work best for your situation.

Karla Clarke - Crystal Healing Recharge
Enjoy 60 minutes of pure relaxation while receiving energy to help you balance and move forward with power... For the first part of the session you relax on a massage table; crystals are applied to your chakras and power points while ancient chants are toned over you. This can help many things - our relationship with time and space, our experience of our emotions and mental energies, even how we feel with our physical vitality! For the second part, you receive a blessing to help move the energy from old or new wounds- or you can choose to receive a blessing for good fortune!

Kevin Rehberg - Reiki Healing & Intuitive Reading
45 min reiki session, along with 15 min intuitive reading, crystal healing, essential oils, and meditation

Sara Whaley - Healing Alchemy of Love & Oneness
A heart-centered healing hour using an alchemy of modalities such as healing touch, reiki, prana, and shamanism focusing on clearing the channel to your highest-self.  During your session we will (1) discuss and set your intention; (2) cleanse and clear your auric field; (3) balance and activate your chakras for alignment and flow; (4) perform a mind clearing; (5) assist the new energy and light to integrate into your physical field; and (6) give you the option of: a mini past-life, angel or tarot reading.  This is a session tailored to those who want to remove energetic blockages, identify recurring themes that are oppressing your spiritual growth, improve manifestation/abundance abilities, become a clearer channel for yourself, have empathic qualities and are ready to begin a healing journey.

Taina Berardi - Integrative Healing Session OR Yoga Therapy
Explore the limitless benefits of integrative healing! With a focus on alleviating suffering from pain and dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit complex, Taina employs the ancient healing arts of Reiki energy and sound healing, meditation, visualization, pranayama breathwork, aromatherapy, self-compassion cultivation and relaxation techniques to balance, restore and revitalize her students and clients. Designed to reduce stress, remediate chronic pain, invigorate energy, unblock and cleanse the chakras and promote overall health and well-being, a completely customized experience, intuitively tailored to your unique needs and constitution is awaiting!


Dealing with chronic pain or disease? Recovering from injury or surgery? Body not working like it used to? Interested in the health benefits of yoga, but want support prior to jumping into a public class?

Taina provides accessible, therapeutic yoga for people of all sizes, shapes, abilities and backgrounds. Through the healing art of Yoga Therapy, students are empowered to embark on a journey of personal growth, physical recovery and healing using individualized, one-on-one programs of meditation, pranayama breathwork and asanas postures. Yoga Therapy combines the physical and philosophical teachings and techniques of yoga to provide students with the tools they need to achieve an optimal state of well-being. Each session, Taina creates a custom yoga practice to address the specific needs, abilities and goals of the student. Book now to find mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance on and off the mat!

Shawna Christine - Reiki and The Stars 
Are you familiar with your Astrological Natal Chart? Come and take a look at  exactly what the sky looked like the moment you were born. You entered this earthly plane and your soul set course. Find out what signs your planets are in and what that means in your life. It’s always fun to hear about yourself! Come get some clues and confirmations on your journey accompanied with a little energy boost. (Date, time, and place of birth required.)

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