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Crystal Healing Level 1 - Chakras

In this informative and fun crystal healing training, Certified Crystal Healer Jessica Roth (of Jess Kay Crystals) will share her knowledge of Crystals, Energy/Auras, and the Chakra System. After she has covered all the crystal healing basics, she will also teach about creating crystal grids, gem water, and how to use crystals around the house!

Jessica approaches this healing work from a science, metaphysical and spiritual standpoint, so that you can see how everything works holistically.

You'll leave the class with: in-depth knowledge of energy, chakras, crystals and more! Included for you to take home: a Chakra Crystal Set and Informative Chakra Art Print. Please bring a pen/notebook.


Cost: $150

Jessica's Bio: I am a Certified Crystal Healer and Certified ThetaHealer, utilizing crystals and energy for emotional and physical healing. I am extremely intuitive, which allows me to help people heal on a deep level. I have also experienced life as a highly sensitive person (empath, easily affected by surrounding energies, emotions, people, etc), and love to help others learn how to protect themselves from external influences that might be affecting their own physical and emotional wellbeing. This is when energy healing and crystals became my "super power", and I now love to use them in all areas of my life.