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Crystal Healing Level 3 - Certification

In the final Crystal Healing training for Certification, Jessica Roth (CCH) will teach you how to use your intuition (and which way of receiving intuitive messages is your specialty) in order to facilitate deeper healing during a crystal healing session.

In this advanced training, you will:
- Learn how to pinpoint and balance other areas during a session (body, mind, emotions)
- Understand and learn how to create new crystal layouts to use during sessions; each based on a specialized focus. 
- Learn about the uses and properties of specific crystals; such as which to use for popular topics (love, money, protection, etc.).
- Leave class as a Certified Crystal Healer, full of even more crystal knowledge and expertise!

Included for you to take home: booklet with crystal layouts & crystal use guide, certification, and digital versions of recommended crystal healer forms. Please bring a pen/notebook.


Cost: $150