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Whether you are returning to a path of healing, just beginning, or have no idea what that means… You have arrived here for a reason.

Navigating life’s changes and challenges doesn’t have to be lonely or overwhelming.

You need a safe, healing place to land, time and space to integrate change, practices to balance your nervous system and support from a welcoming community.  

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Here’s what our Community Members have to say about their time with Sojourn

By committing to wellness practices at Sojourn, Jackie stepped into her power and the life she dreamed of. It has been the greatest honor to witness her transform her life.

Some of her greatest celebrations have been her newfound support system, feeling safe to evolve, change and receive more from life, her new home and more aligned career path:

"I was quite lost. At 51 years old I left my 20+ year relationship/marriage, my big, beautiful home, split my children's family in half and sold my business.

I had been living in a loveless relationship for a decade. I used work to bury the pain of my isolation. But suddenly I had no job to cover it anymore. I felt deeply exposed to every raw area of my life.

I found the strength to airlift myself from a terribly painful situation. But I wasn't sure what I was going to do next. Then that reliable little voice inside reminded me that I had always wanted to try yoga. I visited some well known studios. And then I walked into Sojourn. They had only been open for two months, but I could feel the energy in the room embracing me.

Before the incredibly welcoming, kind woman at the desk could even say hello, I knew Sojourn was my spot.  I found my yoga home. My healing place. My community. The people there supported me through one of the greatest transitions of my life.

Thanks to this big beautiful Universe, the road continued to rise to meet me. Over the coming months I got a great new job and my own special home. 

But nothing saw me through that transformational time as much as THE PEOPLE and the friends that held me up, reminded me to stay centered and taught me to breathe when I couldn't do it for myself.

Sojourn isn't just another studio to take amazing yoga classes. It's a community of loving, spirit-centered people focused on their own journey. 

Three years later, I feel exactly the same about Sojourn. Because that's what this life is about.

It's not just about finding a place to do yoga or healing practice. It's about finding the people that we want to practice yoga with."

Jackie Stone

We met Suzanne just a few years ago when she dipped her toes into our community. Since then she embarked on a personal healing journey and completely transformed her life.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey as a Sojourn member:

"I have been a long time fitness junkie, love to get my heart rate up and it was hard for me to slow down.

With a very high nervous system that was affecting my health, I needed more of a calming practice to mend the bridge between body and mind, heart and soul.

That is when I found Sojourn. The practices there, especially yin and breathwork have calmed down my nervous system and have allowed me space to listen, to feel and let go of deeper emotions, and release stuck energy.

With these types of emotional releases you need a supportive container and that is what Sojourn is. The atmosphere is so calming, nurturing and anyone at any level feels welcome. Every teacher will get to know you by name. They take time to listen and be present with you.

I did not have a community that practiced this type of spiritual work so I consider Sojourn my yoga "home" and I am thankful and amazed at how far I have come on my personal healing journey there."


Suzanne Lederer

Avi found Sojourn while in search of a deeper connection with himself.

What he found was increased confidence, courage and a reclamation of his voice and truth!

"Joining Sojourn has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

The classes/workshops are heartfelt and unique, no other studio compares in my opinion! But its best asset is the community it has built; the teachers and practitioners drawn to Sojourn are amazing human beings!

The staff are all incredibly gracious and supportive. The practitioners are very friendly and warm. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many one-on-one healing sessions with their staff. Those sessions have been instrumental in setting me up for success throughout
2020; they have helped me remember to connect with my breath, show up as my best self, and be present in my body.

Throughout my membership at sojourn, the teachers have helped guide me to the specific practices that speak to me, which has lead me to workshops and trainings and a deeper appreciation of yoga.

Being around such amazing people has helped me believe in the magic, and manifest it myself within my home; I’ve finally begun practicing yoga and rituals on my own.

Sojourn has helped me find my voice, and has helped me find the courage to share more with my community! I will be forever grateful to this community!"

Avi Schraer

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