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Discover the Highest Version of Yourself

Come back to the peace, grace, joy, compassion, and confidence that always exists within you.

Find Belonging in Community

Our one of a kind, high-vibe community will support you on your healing journey and beyond!

Experience Peace, Purpose & Passion

Release the toxic patterns and thoughts that hold you back from living your purpose and potential.

Create Routines & Rituals That Enliven You

Find freedom in your body, relaxation in your mind, and peace within your soul.

Our Quartz Members Receive

  • Unlimited In Person + Virtual Live Classes
  • 15% Off Retail Purchases
  • 15% Off  Workshops + Events 
  • 1 Free Guest Pass Each Month
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group
  • Exclusive deals, occasional swag, and more

We all deserve
a fresh start.

You know there’s a more peaceful, joyful and healthy version of you inside, simply waiting to be unlocked! Maybe you’ve even felt their presence after a yoga class, or during meditation. But you just can’t seem to fully find or maintain that feeling on your own. You feel a need for accountability, commitment and community.

We got you!

We’re so confident that we can make 2022 your most healthy, vibrant and fulfilled year, yet!

This will be the turning point to get you back to your practice and your best self.

Claim your future

You’re not meant
to do this alone.

Maybe you've made promise after promise to show up for yourself, stick to a regular practice, and keep showing up, no matter what. Not following through has you feeling defeated and even less motivated.

Distractions are everywhere. So are excuses.

That’s where we come in. Our team of world-class teachers, healers, and staff will get you back to your highest self. We’ll do this with you through a variety of tools, classes, and experiences.

Imagine how incredible you’ll feel when you’re regularly practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and more with a supportive, healing community. 

We will be here for you every step of the way, guiding you, cheering you on, holding you accountable and elevating you to the best version of yourself.

Take a step forward with us, into a new year with new possibilities. We promise it will be the first step toward the healing you’ve been craving.

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  • Unlimited In Person + Virtual Live Classes
  • 15% Off Retail Purchases
  • 15% Off  Workshops + Events 
  • 1 Free Guest Pass Each Month
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group
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"Sojourn is my sanctuary and has favorite classes and humans! All of the instructors and healers have a magnetic energy that allows you to feel safe, seen and supported!"


"The practices at Sojourn especially yin and breathwork have calmed down my nervous system and have allowed me space to listen, to feel and let go of deeper emotions, and release stuck energy."


"I love Sojourn! The space is so inviting and calming. The teachers all have their own unique practices and personalities that make each experience one of a kind. I highly recommend this community to anyone seeking a new journey!"

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