Our Team

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Whitney Yarnall
Community Director & Founder

Whitney founded Sojourn to give people a welcoming place to come as they are, no questions asked, and form a like-minded community where they can align with their true purpose and feel supported as they grow to their greatest potential. Besides directing this Healing Collective and leading restorative yoga classes, Whitney offers group-based Manifesting Workshops. She also holds private intuitive healing sessions as well as provides customized mentorship programs for spiritual business owners (or those looking to infuse it into their business practices). She also specializes in working with individuals’ one-to-one who are going through major life transitions. Whitney’s healing journey brought her face-to-face with traumatic events leaving her feeling alone and confused as she moved through her dark shadows and the pain of grief and loss. Through it all, she was able to uncover her divine purpose as a visionary, teacher and writer and allowed these lessons of her pain and loneliness to inspire Sojourn Healing Collective - where no one would ever feel unsupported again.


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Nia Carrillo

Raffaella Giampaolo
Marketing & Community Engagement Manager

From a young age Raffaella has used her intuitive and empathic nature to bring joy, advice and healing to others. At the age of 15, Raffaella lost her father which led her to experiencing anxiety, depression and panic attacks that worsened upon entering the traditional 9-5 workforce in her early twenties. After seeking traditional counseling, she unexpectedly crossed paths with a spiritual medium that relayed incredibly specific and healing messages from her father. After that experience, she knew that there is more to this life than what we can see and has strived to explore and learn more about the spiritual world ever since, which she credits for combatting her anxiety. This journey of self-healing and discovery has led her to the life she always dreamed of in San Diego, where she is fulfilling her life's passion of promoting the type of healing she has experienced and help others live a happy and healthy life. Within Sojourn, Raffaella manages the community’s marketing, design, special events and workshops.




For Nia, Yoga has been the foundation of her exploration into holistic health. At the age of 16, she began her health journey by losing 85 pounds through diet and exercise. It wasn't until college that she realized the reigns strict dieting and obsessive exercise had on her body and life. That was when she discovered the transformative power of yoga. After college, Nia moved to San Diego to continue her career in hospitality, but soon found herself uninspired and wanting more from life. In 2016, she eventually began to suffer from work related depression and anxiety. Not knowing what direction to move forward in, she went to her mat and hoped an answer would come through in class. That was the day she quit her "9-5" to become a Yoga Teacher. Since then, she is now Reiki 1/2 Trained and in her last year of grad school studying Integrative Nutrition. Nia has a deeply rooted passion in helping others achieve their highest self through yoga and holistic living just as she has.

Within Sojourn, if not greeting you at the desk, you can find her in the Yoga Studio where she guides Vinyasa and Yinyasa style classes. Nia only hopes that she can inspire meaningful change on and off the mat.