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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Often times, restorative yoga is referred to as "Yin." While there are muscular tissues that respond well to practices that are primarily active and dynamic (yang), there are others that respond best to practices that require a conscious cultivation of observation. This is where the Yin yoga practice comes to play.

This training is a fabulous mixed bag of Taoist philosophy, fascial and energetic meridian anatomy, and the how/when/why/what of the practice of Yin yoga. Whether you are new to teaching Yin or you’ve been teaching for years, you will walk away knowing more about this practice than you realized was possible.

In this interactive and informative weekend training, we will cover:

- The anatomy of Yin Yoga
- Basic Yin Yoga Postures; contradictions & modifications
- The language of Yin Yoga
- Yin Yoga Philosophy, Yogic Text and Intentions of this practice

Eligible for CEU's through Yoga Alliance 

About Lindsay Russo, E-RYT 500:
Almost 20 years ago, I took my first yoga class with Yogi Ananda, a native of India who spent decades working alongside Mother Theresa. He ruined me. I thought that the way he taught yoga is how every other person would teach yoga. The experiences I had in other classes were fine but a drop in the bucket compared to the fullness I felt from Yogi Ananda. No longer able to take classes with him I decided to begin studying yoga on a deeper level. I took lots of training…LOTS. I invested many hours (and dollars) learning & studying in person with greats like Rama Jyoti Vernon and Nischala Joy Devi (co-founders of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal), Brian Dorfman, Leslie Kaminoff, Bija Bennet, Flossie Park. I spent less time with but have also been deeply influenced by Paul Grilley and Rod Stryker. My mission is to present what I have found to be the most potent teachings and teachers of yoga that I have encountered in my lifetime and to do it with finesse. 

*Anyone may sign up to take this course. However, this course will not certify you to be a practicing yoga teacher.*

Training Schedule:
Friday, May 18th: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, May 19th: 12pm - 6pm
Sunday, May 20th: 12pm - 5pm

Cost: $475