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Sound Healing Experience

Relaxation is the name of the game! In this 90 minute session Steve will blend the healing powers of gentle yoga, breath, and meditation with the vibrational experience of high quality crystal singing bowls and planetary gongs to harmonize the body and release stress. Expect to find a state of deep relaxation and walk away floating on the clouds.

Be sure to dress in comfortable and unrestrictive clothing, bring extra padding if need be, and anything else you need to stay comfortably reclined.

About Steve: Steve is the owner of Riffs Studios, a music and yoga studio, where he learned to apply his passion for music in the realm of yoga, deep relaxation, and meditation. When he found his way into the world of sound healing he developed a unique fusion of high quality instruments, including crystal singing bowls and planetary gongs, with the well known benefits of yoga and meditation. He has been sharing this workshop with the San Diego community for a couple years and through time and experience has learned to harmonize each session with the energy of the room, making each experience entirely unique and special.

$35 per person